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Every Tattoo on Jake Paul and The Stories Behind Them



Jake Paul

Jake Paul who is a social media influencer with millions of followers on Instagram and Youtube decided to turn pro and enter the sport of boxing 2020. Following his entry into the combat sport, the Problem Child has caused a major upward curve in terms of popularity in boxing. Even though Jake has only fought against three opponents in the ring, he has turned into one of the biggest prized fighters in the world.

This is mainly due to his antics or one could even say theatrics outside the ring that garners a lot of attention from people around the world. Moving on from his professional boxing career, Jake loves to live a luxurious lifestyle and has several other interests. For instance, he loves getting inked and has multiple tattoos on different parts of his body. 

According to body art guru, Jake Paul has around 15 tattoos on his body. Therefore let’s take a look at some of the tattoos and try to understand the meaning behind this artwork.

Meaning and Significance of the tattoos of Jake Paul

 Karma and Lines Tattoo

The right shoulder of Jake Paul comprises a word called Karma on it. The Youtuber turned pro boxer decided to get this tattoo because truly believes that good or bad luck is a result of one’s actions.

On the right side of the stomach over the ribs of the Problem Child contains a tattoo with few lines written on it. The lines begin with few Chinese characters and are followed by FOR LOYALTY “HUMAN 656″ CLEVELAND, OHIO USA c.1997.” This tattoo is a tribute to himself and his birthplace.

Sword Tattoo and Skull and Leaves Tattoo

Jake Paul

Jake Paul

Jake Paul has a giant tattoo of a sword that starts from his neck and reaches down to his back. The sword is enveloped by several leaves and vines around it. Moreover, there is a banner around the sword that states “To Live Ex Die.”

Jake Paul

Jake Paul

The Disney star’s left shoulder contains an enormous skull of a dinosaur surrounded by some vines and leaves around the piece. Besides the skull of the dinosaur clenches a globe inside which there is a design of a keyhole. Moreover, there is also a snake wrapped around the leaves and vines in this tattoo.

RNBO and Cartoon Tattoo

Jake Paul

Jake Paul

The stomach of Jake Paul contains a tattoo with the letters ‘RNBO’ inked. The full form of RNBO Is ‘Rise n Be Original’. This phrase comes from the clothing brand that he owns. Further on the backside of Jake’s upper left arm contains a tattoo of a small cartoon ink of a girl. To be precise this tattoo is inked just below his skull and leaves tattoo.

 G.O.A.T and Bow of Apollo Tattoo

The outer part of Jake’s left thigh comprises a tattoo with the words GOAT INTENT inked on it. Interestingly the tattoo is designed in a way where both the words are perpendicular to each other and share the letter T. As per today’s new day and age G.O.A.T is signified as Greatest Of All Time in a particular field. The Youtuber turned pro boxer got this matching tattoo a few years back along with his ex-girlfriend Erika Costell.

The right knee of the Problem Child contains a tattoo of a bow and arrow pointing in the downward direction. There is a name around this tattoo, which states Apollo. The bow of Apollo has a significant role in video games like God of War and Riordan. There is also a mythical meaning significance behind this design. According to Greek mythology, Apollo is the Greek God of Archery who uses this bow to protect his mother.

Skull and Gun Tattoo 

Jake Paul has a tattoo of a large skull laughing with its mouth wide open on his right leg. This tattoo is placed just below the bow of Apollo on the front side. There is also a design of two large wings behind the skull tattoo of Jake.

The left thigh of the Youtuber consists of a big tattoo with a layout of a gun firing a bullet. Moreover, the design of the gun also has a logo of Gucci on it and the tattoo contains a word called Veloce around the gun. The word Veloce means to be rapid or fast.

Tiger Tattoo 

Jake Paul

Jake Paul

After securing an emphatic win over Ben Askren in April 2021, Jake Paul got a tattoo done around his head. This tattoo consists of a Tiger surrounded by three butterflies and is placed just above his left ear. However,  the Youtuber has not revealed the reason behind getting this tattoo inked after several fans questioned him on social media.