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“Everyone thought I was gonna run from Mike” – Evandor Holyfield breaks down his historic win over Mike Tyson



Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield

There’s hardly any doubt that Mike Tyson was one of the greatest boxer to have stepped inside the ring. Tyson’s phenomenal power continues to be a benchmark for up and coming boxers, and he stands as a metaphor for KO in the boxing world. Tyson lost to only 5 boxers in his entire career, and while his first loss against Buster Douglas often fail to find a place in common discourse. However, Tyson’s much anticipated showdown against Evander Holyfield, and the following re-match has made it to every boxing fan, and many of whom still can’t help but discuss it.

Tyson was a force reckon with, and as quite expected, Holyfield entered the bout as a huge underdog. During the entire bout, Holyfield look spectacular and dropped Tyson on multiple occasions. After a series of combination, Holyfield finished Mike Tyson to stun the MGM Grand Arena to a standstill.

Evander Holyfield looks back at win against Tyson

Mike Tyson liked to push forward, dictate the pace of the game, and knock his opponents out as soon as he found the chance. He was strong, quick, and unpredictable in his attacks. However, Holyfield remained one step ahead of Tyson that day inside the ring.

“I always liked to come forward, everyone thought I was gonna run from Mike, I wanted him to know I wasn’t going anywhere, that was the whole big thing,” Holyfield told BBC Radio 5 Live.

Holyfield revealed that he decided to push one of the most dangerous boxers inside the ring, and made a mental note to pressure Tyson and use his reach advantage.

“I felt that I had quicker hands than Mike, I felt I had the reach. I got to hit him a couple of times, when you start hitting people they start changing. Mike even said himself, ‘everyone’s got a plan until they get hit’. I’m one of those fighters that got hit a lot of times by some good shots, but I can take it. The point of the matter was Mike didn’t get hit a lot because people were kinda timid with Mike. With me I wasn’t timid, I realized he was going to hit me but I had the right to hit him back.”

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Holyfield revealed that he was confident that he could take the shots Tyson would throw at him going into the bout. Holyfield’s mental note to not get scared of Tyson’s power, and to pressure Tyson, played a huge role in his 11th round TKO victory against the most lethal knockout artist the boxing world has ever seen.

Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield 3?


Tyson has hinted at a comeback, and he is training hard to compete in an exhibition match to raise money for charity. Meanwhile, Holyfield is also back to training and looks as good as Tyson, sweating his way to fitness in the gym. It remains to be seen if both the boxers will meet each other again, if they do, there’s no better news for boxing fans around the world.


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