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Everything That You Need to Know About Nick Krygios – Family, Girlfriend, and Net Worth



Nick Krygios, a tennis player from Australia is often known for the miracles he has pulled off against the big 3 in tennis. He is known for defeating Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic in the very first encounter between them. Also, he holds a 100% win record against Novak, a record very few have. 

We take a look at the life of the player from Australia. How did his love for the sport come into existence? Who his partner is? Does he have children? Here’s everything that you need to know regarding the player. 

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Nick Krygios

The early life of Nick Krygios

Nick Krygios was born on 27th April 1995 in Canberra to a Greek father and a Malay mother. He was introduced to the sport when he was just 6 years old. His mother was the main element in doing so. He also used to play basketball but at the age of 14, he left that sport to focus completely on tennis. 

In the junior category, he won 2 grand slams titles in the doubles category and just a single grand slam in the singles. He also reached the 1st spot in the junior rankings. 

Nick’s Girlfriend

As of now, the Australian player is single. Though he has been involved in some relationships before as well. Here is a list of a few celebrities who Nick Krygios has dated before.

  • Ajla Tomljanovic: She hails from Croatia but chose to represent Australia at the international level. Ajla and Nick met back in the year 2015. Back then, she was seen as the upcoming sensation in the tennis world. Both the players were spotted frequently and interestingly they also became teammates during the Australian Open in the years 2015 and 2016. Nick also once told the reporters that he is the happiest when she is around him. “It’s when I’m with her that I am the happiest,” said Nick. But their relationship came to an end in the year 2017 when Nick was spotted dancing and partying with other girls at the event. This heartbreak also made her deactivate her socials back then. 
  • Anna Kalinskaya: The Australian moved on and, in the year, 2020, he was spotted with Anna Kalinskaya, a fellow tennis player. The couple was first spotted during a Basketball match in the year 2020. But their relationship did not go well and the couple decided to split up after just being together for 2 months. 
  • Chiara Passari: This relationship is a pretty complicated one to tell. This one is a kind of on-again, off-again relationship. The couple has finally spilled up after reports of verbal abuse surfaced. She even shared the photo of a naked girl with Nick Krygios during their quarantine period. This is not the first time that this has happened between the couple. Earlier during the year, similar reports came out but they were soon put to bed and nothing much happened between them. 



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The Net Worth of Nick Krygios

As reported, Nick Krygios has a net worth of around 10 million USD. He has won a total of 8.9 million dollars prize money to date. This is not just it; he has signed some mouth-watering deals with some of the top brands. This includes Nike, Yonex, Beats, Global Sporting Connections. A famous underwear brand Bond ended their partnership with Nick in the year 2015 due to the controversies that surrounded the player. 

The player has been involved in some charity work as well. He supported the victims of the Hurricane in Puerto Rico. He also helped to raise the funds to help the people who suffered from the Australian Bushfires in the year 2020. Not only this he also has an NK Foundation whose sole aim is to help the underprivileged youths with sports opportunities. 

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