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Everything You Need to Know About Tyson Fury and His Wife, Family, & Kids



Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is currently one of the biggest names in the boxing world. Currently, he has his hands on WBC and The Ring heavyweight titles. Fury has already achieved so much that other boxers can only dream of. With an impeccable record of 31-0, Fury is undefeated since he started boxing professionally in 2008.

The Gypsy King is considered as a force of nature that has dominated everybody who has come in his way. Stepping inside that ring with Fury and surviving 12 rounds can be a nightmare for many fighters. Coming from a family who has a great boxing background, beating down his opponents is something that comes naturally to him.

Tyson Fury’s family and heritage

Fury comes from a family of gypsies and has a rich heritage. As Fury once said, ” I’m a gypsy and I will always be a gypsy. I will always be fat and white and that’s it”. The boxing background of his family goes back to earlier times. Fury’s father, John Fury was a bare-knuckled Fighter back in his days. He fought without any license first then eventually as a professional. He was nicknamed ” Gypsy ” John Fury.

fury and dad john fury

Fury’s mother, Amber Fury is also from the traveler tribe. She also had two distinct relatives who were legendary bare-knuckle fighters. According to Fury, him being a gypsy is a major reason he is into boxing. Most of Fury’s family members are into boxing. 

Fury with his brothers

His younger brothers Tommy, Shane, and John are professional boxers. His cousins Joshua Frankham and Hughie Fury also have professional experience inside the ring. Fury being the most successful in his family it will be an understatement to say almost everyone in the Fury family knows how to knock opponents down.

Tyson Fury ‘s Wife and Children

Fury met his wife Paris 16 years ago at a mutual friend’s wedding. At that time Paris was just 15 years old. With time both Fury and Paris grew close. In 2008, the couple finally got married in Paris’s hometown. It was a traditional marriage consisting of over 300 people.

 fury's new born baby

After being together for 15 years with Paris, Fury is now a dad of six kids. Both of them welcomed their newborn girl Athena Fury in the August of 2021. Upon Athena’s arrival, Fury took to social media and wrote ” Please can everyone pray for my baby girl who was born this morning“. 

 Fury Family

The couple already has two daughters Venezuela, Valencia Amber, and three sons Prince John, Prince Tyson Fury 2, and Prince Adonis Amaziah. When talking about the names of his son Fury once said “I’m a king and they’re princes until they earn their rightful name“.