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Everything You Need to Know About Venus William’s Husband Nicholas Hammond



Venus Williams

Venus Williams, the sister of Serena Williams and the elder among the two is a former world no. 1 in both the singles and the doubles category. She along with her sister Serena has won many major tournaments in the tennis department. The 41-year-old tennis superstar is going all-in and does not want to end her career as of now.

We take a look at the personal life of Venus Williams and see who is the love of her life. When did she meet him?

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Who is Nicholas Hammond? – Husband of Venus Williams

Venus Williams was reportedly in a relationship with Nicholas Hammond. Nicholas Hammond who is also known as Nikki Hammond is a wealthy financier. Venus Williams and Nicky Hammond started dating back in the year 2017. The beautiful couple was spotted at Serena Williams’s wedding to Alexis Ohanian. But the couple did not get much of the media’s attention as many big stars verb present at Serena’s wedding. Nikki was also spotted cheering for Venus from the stands and motivating her during her matches.

But 2 years later they finally decided to break up as there was a difference in the commitment level for both the stars. While some reports told that Venus was looking for a family some still claim that this was not a valid reason for the breakup of the tennis star.


Venus Williams and Elio Pis

Venus crossed paths with the Cuban model back in the year 2012. They both were madly in love with each other. Venus also claimed in an interview that she was unable to concentrate in her matches because Elio was present to cheer her up and she could think much about the game. Elio also worked as a model for her startup EleVen.

But their love also came to an end back in the year 2017. They were together for 5 years before finally breaking up with each other.


Venus and Kids?

As the reports stand, Venus does not have any kids but she dreams to have kids someday in the near future. She currently enjoys her time with Olympia Ohanian Jr, who is the daughter of her sister, Serena Williams. 

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