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“Floyd Didn’t Beat My F*****g A** Mike”- Logan Paul Puts Mike Tyson on Notice After Proving Him Wrong



Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

After a lot of hype going around that Logan Paul will be stomped inside the squared circle by veteran Floyd Mayweather, the YouTube star turned prizefighter Logan Paul went all the way and surviving Mayweather for eight rounds without a knockdown.

Mayweather vs. Paul was termed as “Bragging Rights,” essentially a chance for Mayweather to showcase his level of boxing against Paul, a social media star who has branched out into the boxing world.

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In the post-fight press conference, Logan Paul seemed very happy with his performance and said that he enjoyed fighting the 50-0 veteran. He was a bit more humble and congratulated Mayweather for giving him the opportunity to share the ring with him. But Paul being Paul took a shot at all his haters who said that he’d be eaten alive. Paul recalled a certain incident with the legendary boxer Mike Tyson who was once invited to Paul’s podcast and made it clear that Floyd Mayweather would beat Logan Paul.

When asked about what he wants to say about his haters he said that he’d made a list of all those people, he specifically pointed out Tyson and imitated his voice while expressing that all these haters are not going to say anything.

“I made a list of everyone who said that I’m gonna lose this fight, and I’m posting it – like you’re all fucked. I love Mike Tyson but he’s on it, he told me on my own podcast – ‘Floyd gonna beat your fucking ass’, that’s what he said. Floyd didn’t beat my f****G a** Mike [imitating his voice].”

The clip below shows the exact reaction of Mike Tyson when asked who would win a fight against Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul.

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What happened in the fight – Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather?

Sunday’s pay-per-view boxing event had a little bit of everything and lived up to its managed expectations billing as a “Bragging Rights” contest between Mayweather and Paul.

The experience gap led many to believe that Mayweather would knock Paul out. But Paul constantly latched his frame onto Mayweather throughout the eight rounds of fighting. Still, Mayweather landed shots and stalked Paul down without exerting much energy. No winner was announced because there were no judges in the special event.

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By round 6 Logan just repeatedly threw lazy jabs out and Mayweather looked for the kill shot. This is a little frustrating to watch because Logan seemed dead tired and exhausted.

Paul admitted he didn’t have anything to lose in this bout as a relative novice in boxing going up against an all-time great. Despite that, Paul said that he believed he would beat Mayweather and it would be the biggest upset in the history of combat sports. Floyd admitted in the post-match interview- “I’m not 21 anymore.”, but also mentioned being “surprised” by Logan Paul.

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