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FOX Reportedly Looking To Stop Some WWE Supertstars From Going to RAW

WWE has been successful with its brand split in encouraging new superstars to come to the fore. The rosters have been exclusive to RAW and SmackDown most of the time. But WWE has tried mixing up their superstars on certain occasions over the past few years. Reports reveal that FOX has demanded to have an exclusive roster for SmackDown.

Will SmackDown talents be exclusive?

Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Newsletter has stated that WWE will not be able to have an inclusive roster for RAW and SmackDown. FOX is demanding exclusivity for the SmackDown superstars. Meltzer talked about both networks wanting to have a separate and distinctive roster for their shows, especially FOX for WWE SmackDown. This is what he had to say.

“Both networks kind of want unique rosters. You can do some of that back-and-forth but FOX in particular, really wants, kind of, exclusivity on their guys.”

WWE superstars have been crossing over between RAW and SmackDown since WrestleMania 38. Despite the brand split, WWE has booked RAW Tag Team Champions RK-Bro a program with SmackDown’s Drew McIntyre against The Bloodline.

FOX earlier wanted the TV rights for RAW

Dave Meltzer had earlier reported that Fox was initially interested in acquiring the TV rights for Monday Night RAW. WWE had multiple bidders at the time which made it a unique situation. FOX originally wanted a deal for RAW, but the USA network was able to cash in on acquiring the red brand which made FOX turn to SmackDown in 2019.

There was a point when both networks were unhappy due to the lack of certain notable WWE superstars in their shows, which WWE took care of later. WWE advertised a lot of big names on FOX’s adverts during the 2019 WWE Draft, but none of them were selected for SmackDown. We will have to see how WWE deals with this situation. 

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