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Francis Ngannou Says He Is Losing $7 Million by Not Signing With UFC After His Win Over Ciryl Gane

The relationship between the Heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou, and the UFC has been getting worse with time. Ngannou has made his demands very clear right from the very beginning. He is standing his ground and has made up his mind concerning his future.

Ngannou, in his recent interview, has revealed that he was offered a new contract with good money. However, the predator wasn’t pleased as he believes as he says” freedom does not work with money”.

He further added: “I left a lot more on the table. Overall, I’ve been leaving a lot of money on the table ever since the Stipe fight. By now, I might be down by the $7 million that I left on the table, but I’m still happy with my $600,000 because I still fight for what I care for.

Francis Ngannou

Ngannou wants his contract to offer him more freedom as he says “You can be free and fight for the UFC,” Ngannou said. “I just want to be free. We are supposedly independent contractors. An independent contractor is technically a free person. That’s the reason why they need some adjustments in that contract. That’s what I’ve been fighting for.”

Three weeks before the event, he picked up a knee injury in a sparring session. He was warned about suffering a permanent injury if he fought. However, Ngannou decided to fight against the odds, accepting the outcome.

In addition to the physical limitations, Ngannou faces many other obstacles as he reveals more details. On the day of the fight, his manager was threatened with a lawsuit by the UFC for allegedly conversing with Nakisa Bidarin. Bidarain was the financial officer for the UFC who now works with the Youtube Sensation, Jake paul.


Francis Ngannou and his manager get racial threats

Francis Ngannou further revealed that his manager Martin received racial messages from an unknown number on the day of the fight.

Francis Ngannou
 “Honestly, it was a lot,” Ngannou said. “I felt a lot of pressure, but as I said, a lot of people go through a lot of things and they overcome. That’s why me being a fighter, not only in the octagon but in life, people go through a lot of drama in their own life. But that’s still not a good excuse to give up. I think the only moment that you lose is the moment that you give up. But if you keep fighting — that’s not losing, regardless of the outcome.”

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