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“Going to Burn All My Nike Shoes” – Jon Jones Launches Verbal Tirade on Twitter Amid Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes” Controversy

Jon Jones once again took to Twitter in a verbal tirade against shoe apparel brand Nike amid the huge controversy surrounding Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes” controversy. Nike is suing the art brand behind the custom editor on their sneakers by artist Lil Nas X satan shoes which caused a stir in the media.

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The company is receiving a lot of backlashes after MSCHF Product Studio, Inc. was sued by Nike for trademark infringement because of the 666 pair of shoes that it had released in collaboration with Lil Nas X. The “Old Town Road” singer announced the release of the custom-made “Satan Shoes” that sold out on Monday.

There has been no statement from MSCHF about the whole issue. Nike called the shoes “unauthorized” and demanded to “permanently stop” fulfilling the orders of the 666 pair of “Satan Shoes.” Needless to say, this has irked a lot of fans who ordered the custom-made shoes, and the backlash has seen even former UFC’s light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, launch a verbal tirade on Twitter against the company.

Why is Jon Jones targeting Nike on Twitter?

Jon Jones’ relationship with the Nike brand goes a long way, and there is history if you had forgotten. Nike and Jones had a six-figure deal during the initial years of Jon Jones’ MMA career. However, Nike dropped the six-figure deal after Jones’ on-stage brawl with Daniel Cormier back at UFC 178.

Previously, the company had made a custom edition of “Jesus Shoes” in the year 2019. The “Satan Shoes” is the newest edition in the list of custom shoes made by MSCHF adorned by a bronze pentagram, and a drop of blood in the mid-sole to compliment the name “Satan Shoes.” The custom sneakers also feature the Nike swoosh logo and needless to say it has not gone well with the company which demanded a stop to the production and distribution.

Additionally, “Satan Shoes” has also met with criticism for having human blood in its sole with a lawsuit being filed by the company stating that users on social media have said that they would boycott the Nike brand over the controversial shoes.

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