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Hasbulla vs Rozik – Khabib Nurmagomedov Shares His Views on a Potential Fight



Khabib Nurmagomedov and Hasbulla

Khabib Nurmagomedov, the unbeaten former lightweight champion of the world, has plans of bringing his own fight promotion called Eagle Fighting Championship (EFC) to America. Ahead of the massive launch in America, Khabib is in talks with multiple former UFC fighters to be a part of his promotion. 

However, the biggest fight that Khabib can put on is not the one that involves any fighter. Its Hasbulla vs Abdu Rozik. Both of them are massively popular social media influencers. They first rose to fame last year after holding a parody press conference where the two were pitted against one another. 

Since that video went viral, the internet has been buzzing in the anticipation of a fight between the two. Both Hasbulla and Rozik recently attended UFC 267 and to the surprise of no one, the two were involved in a scuffle. However, the question is, will the two end up fighting each other for real? Khabib Nurmagodemdov doesn’t approve of that.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Does Not Want to See Hasbulla Fight

The former UFC Lightweight Champion is very fond of his fellow Russian influencer. Despite the heated rivalry between the two, Khabib does not want to see the pair involved in an actual fistfight. During an interview with Red Corner MMA, Khabib said he wants to see them be on friendly terms.

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Honestly, I don’t want to make this fight (with Abdu Rozik). I don’t support this idea. I don’t think this is a good idea, They’re both big names, they can create some good things if they become friends. If I had a choice, I’m going to make them friends,” said Khabib.

He went on to add, “Maybe [they could] do some good charity things – they can become ambassadors for charity funds. But I don’t want to see this fight. We have enough fighting around the world. Peace is better than war.”

However, Dana White might not be opposed to making the fight happen in the Octagon. In an interview with ‘Barstool Sports’, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president expressed that the possibility of the fight happening in the organisation is ‘more than zero.’

The man in focus, Hasbulla Magomedov is not opposed to fighting his arch-nemesis. But the organiser of the fight might have to shell out a big sum of money and that is the only factor that has not allowed the fight to take place. 

Yes some people want to organise it but they won’t be able to, Because it is too expensive and not too many people will be able to pay for it,” said the social media star.

At this moment, Hasbulla has no intentions of fighting. “And I don’t want the fight at the moment, no we haven’t discussed it and Dana White didn’t discuss it. Abdu Rozik, he is a bum and he is a singer. This fight doesn’t make sense,” concluded Hasbulla.