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Here’s Why E3 2021 Was Just Not What Many Fans Expected




Due to its remote location, fan expectations for E3 2021 had to be moderated. Some new games, such as “Hollow Knight: Silk Song” and the latest “Call of Duty,” were revealed before the convention, indicating that they would not be present. Even still, players were left with a near-infinite number of options. Naturally, many people were disappointed.

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There wasn’t enough excitement at E3 2021.

Still, there’s no buzz like gamer hype, and the week got off to a great start on June 10 with the Summer Games Fest. Fans got a clearer look at the “Left 4 Dead” sequel “Back 4 Blood,” as well as “Elden Ring,” George R. R. Martin’s widely anticipated fantasy role-playing game (RPG). Game studios showcased their best content coming in the next few years during their own official E3 conferences throughout the next week.

Some games were good, while others were not at E3 2021

Xbox and Bethesda released cinematics for “Starfield,” a space exploration game, and “Halo Infinite,” a legacy shooter game.
“Rainbow Six: Extraction” is a shooter from Ubisoft, while “Mario + Rabids: Sparks of Hope” is the second part of the plumber’s RPG.
Gearbox teased the shooter games “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands” and “The Outer Worlds 2” with a witty revelation.

Xbox and Bethesda Games E3 2021 showcase announced for June 13 - Polygon
Square Enix surprised us with a flurry of new titles, including “Strangers of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin” . The detailed gameplay trailer for a “Guardians of the Galaxy” game was also worthwhile from Square Enix.

E3 2021]Square Enix releases new works such as "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Final Fantasy Origin" - Newsdir3



Not all studios lived up to the expectations surrounding the event.
While some studios were able to generate just enough excitement, others fell short.
“I anticipated it to look and feel a little sloppy,” Jeff Grub, a video games reporter for VentureBeat, told Insider. “Gaming enthusiasts demand the moon, but if you talk to them long enough, they’ll concede that all they truly want from big companies is an entertaining presentation.”

Nintendo, too failed to some extent.

Capcom and Bandai had just enough content to fill their conference slots. Nintendo also succumbed to the hype when rumours of a pro edition of its Switch failed to happen. Despite showing off the “Warioware: Get It Together” minigame collection, the latest “Tekken” character heading to “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” and the first gameplay footage of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2,” the company’s shares fell 5%.

Nintendo Direct E3 2021: How to watch, start times and predictions - CNET
Despite the existence of social media, which allows corporations to communicate directly with their customers, E3 retains a fearsome reputation in the gaming sector.

 Tweets from fans expressing their dissatisfaction for E3 2021.


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