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Here’s Why Many Indians are Asking for the Boycott of Battlegrounds Mobile India



Battlegrounds Mobile India

In India, PUBG Mobile has been banned for almost nine months. With hundreds of other Chinese applications citing security issues, the government has forbidden the Battle Royal Title and its lightweight version, PUBG Mobile Lite. The players were delighted soon after hearing the news that was distributed on the Internet that an Indian version of PUBG Mobile is going to be released. Finally, the latest Battle Royal title, Battlegrounds Mobile India, can be pre-registered on the Google Play Store.

It seems, however, that PUBG Mobile fans can never be happy. Today, many officials try hard to persuade the government to ban Mobile India Battlegrounds.

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Politics or Patriotism

As the pre-registration for Battlegrounds went live on 18 May 2021, tens of thousands of fans flocked to the Google Play Store for pre-registration. But some people, especially politicians, were not too truly happy with game’s upcoming release.

Abhishek Singhvi, Rajya Sabha MP, took a decision by the government to criticize the PUBG Mobile decision in Twitter (Battlegrounds Mobile India). Not only was the popular politician and doctor against Battlegrounds Mobile India.

A member of the Legislative Assembly, Ninong Ering, wrote to the Prime Minister, requesting that Battlegrounds Mobile India be banned as a “Chinese deception.” He believes that releasing the game would jeopardize the country’s security as well as the privacy of its citizens.

Politicians facing Hatred

He even faced backlashes of different creators of content who were hurling at him racially, they also had to apologize after that.


Players who are excited for Battlegrounds Mobile India will be disappointed to learn that not only politicians are speaking out against the battle royale game, but ordinary citizens believe the Indian government is making a mistake.

Probable Social Media Ban of Battleground Mobile India

The recent news that social media platforms may be banned has alarmed many PUBG Mobile fans in India. Because many players use Twitter and Facebook to log in to the game, they are concerned about account recovery in the event of a potential ban.

New intermediary guidelines for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram have been issued by the Indian government. However, the guidelines have not been accepted by these social media platforms.

Many of these platforms may be banned in India very soon, as the deadline for compliance was May 25th, 2021, according to the time frame set by the Indian government. Many players of PUBG Mobile have linked their Facebook accounts to the game. Critics also confront the government on the prohibition of social media

Even if the royal fans are hoping that their inventory will return to Battlegrounds Mobile India, they are still worried that the Facebook ban would potentially remove their accounts.

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