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“He’s Now in the Position to Retire” – Dana White Reacts on Jon Jones Vacating the Title

The negotiation dispute took a rather ugly turn, and eventually settled with Jon Jones deciding to vacate his UFC light heavyweight title. Jones took to twitter, and announced his decision to drop the title belt, and wait around for the super-fight against Israel Adesanya for an 2021 comeback. Jones also mentioned how fans would be ready to pay him what he deserves by then, citing White’s statement that it is up to the people. While Jones did mention he is dropping the title belt, he did not hinted at retirement, or walking away form UFC.

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Soon after Jon Jones decided to drop the title belt, the internet was abuzz with what had transpired out of the ugly back and forth between UFC champion Jon Jones, and UFC President Dana White. While some called it a negotiation tactic, others were of the opinion that Jones was not serious about vacating the title. Recently, Daniel Cormier also reflected on the entire situation, and believed that Jones was indeed serious about vacating the title belt. However, only time will tell if Jon Jones is actually serious about vacating the title belt.

Dana White feels that it’s time for Jon Jones to retire

While talking to MMA Fighting, Dana White reflected on the entire situation, and gave his opinion on Jon Jones vacating the title belt. White had already mentioned that he couldn’t care less about the whole issue, and that it Jones’ decision to make. He also mentioned how Jones can do whatever he want, while also using the words “he can get out” while reacting to Jones’ threat to release him from his UFC contract.

“Jon Jones is one of the greatest to ever do it. The decision he wants to make regarding his career is up to him. The reality is that he’s made enough money from fighting that he’s now in the position to retire and never work again in his life.”

Dana White revealed that he feels that the amount of money he has earned over a decade long career at UFC, it’s time for the light heavyweight champion to retire. While, it’s true that Jones has nothing left to prove to the world, he has mentioned that he would like to return for the super-fight against current middleweight champion Israel Adesanya in 2021.

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