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How Much Ben Askren and Jake Paul Are Earning For The Boxing Main Event on Triller?

Ben Askren makes his pro boxing debut against YouTube star Jake Paul on the next PPV by Triller. This card also features a co-main event between former UFC heavyweight champion, Frank Mire and Former boxing champion Steve Cunningham.

The main event between Ben Askren and Jake Paul is a highly anticipated fight. Though Jake Paul is not an experienced combat sports athlete he does get the attention of the fans. On the other hand, Ben Askren is a genius when it comes to promoting fights.

Ben Askren claimed himself that he is going to have the biggest payday of his career in his next fight against Jake Paul. And Askren was not lying at all about his fight purse. His fight purse for Jake Paul’s fight is what fighters get for UFC title fights. Now it just goes to show the kind of opportunities fighters can get outside the mainstream MMA organizations such as UFC and Bellator.

Ben Askren vs Jake Paul fight salaries for the boxing match

The full salary list for this Saturday’s fight club event was disclosed earlier. As per that, Ben Askren and Jake Paul are going to earn a base salary of $500,000k and $690,000k respectively. But it’s not revealed how much the fighters will earn for the PPV buys and other bonuses.

Ben Askren $500,000
Jake Paul $690,000

Ivan Redkach $250,000
Regis Prograis $850,000

Frank Mir $350,000
Steve Cunningham $150,000

Andres “Reykon” Londono $80,000
Joe Fournier $220,000

Jeyson Minda $8,000
Junior Younan $25,000

William Jackson $8,000
Quinton Randall $15,000

The MMA community is rooting for Ben Askren to beat Jake Paul and put an end to this madness. However, Paul might ruin the plans of Askren in the main event.

Jake Paul has only been training for the last three years. He is not an elite boxer at the moment but technically he is a better boxer than Askren. He has the power to hurt Askren if not knock him out cold. And it will be intriguing to see what Askren does when he gets in trouble in a boxing fight.

But, Askren should get the job done against Jake Paul. There are too many unanswered questions about Jake Paul. And this fight will tell the fans whether the problem child is here to stay.

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