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“I am Still Trying to Get Paid Not Played” – Jorge Masvidal Issues Statement Following Dana White’s Remarks



Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal has once again thrown shots at UFC President Dana White. Masvidal doesn’t look too happy about how the welterweight division is going forward with Gilbert Burns taking on Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight championship. Masvidal has earlier raised his voice against UFC for giving the title shot to Gilbert Burns. He had also supported fans who decided to boycott UFC 251 in the wake of increasing disputes between Masvidal and White.

Jorge Masvidal hits back at Dana White’s remark on a new deal

In reply to Masvidal’s decision to renegotiate his terms going forward, White had told the media that Masvidal had signed a new deal with the UFC. Reacting to the same, Masvidal took to twitter and snapped back at Dana White. He blamed Dana White for “strong armoring” rather than “negotiating” with him.

Jorge Masvidal

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“He called me night before he wants to announce and tell me take or it leave it.”

Masvidal also claimed that Dana White called him a night before the announcement for the title fight was to be made and put up a “take it or leave it” offer in front of him. Earlier, Masvidal had claimed that he was not being paid what he deserves, because of Kamaru Usman’s inability to pull in big numbers. Masvidal also touched upon why he signed the new deal, signaling it was either – sign it and get paid what he was offered or not get paid at all.

Masvidal put up another tweet where he stated that he is trying to get paid, and not played by the UFC. He had shared the same remark in the lead up to UFC 244 for his bout against Nate Diaz, where he mentioned how he is being paid, and not played by the UFC. When fans reacted to Masvidal’s earlier statement, this is what he had to say about his pay-out at UFC 244.

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Jorge Masvidal had a reported payout of $500,000 as his fight purse at UFC 244. Going forward Gilbert Burns is set to take on Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight championship at UFC 251, while Masvidal remains without an opponent for the time being.