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“I Don’t Want Him to B***h Out”- Tyron Woodley Roasts Jake Paul For Forcing The Rematch Clause



Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul

 In an interview with, Tyron Woodley has made quite a few statements on Jake Paul and their fight. He said that he doesn’t want to freak out Jake before the fight and that’s why he is not posting any of his workout videos. 

When the interviewer asked about the training footage that he posted on social media he immediately denied it and said: 

“I haven’t even posted the training footage. I have posted the warm-up because I don’t want him to b**** out. He signed it in blood”

Certainly, Tyron is going for the hunt of the Problem Child. However, he is distancing himself from showing off his preparations against Jake on social media. Woodley was later asked about the rematch clause he has with the Problem Child if Jake loses he explained- 

“If you added the rematch clause, you are the one to think you may lose. That wasn’t my deal but of course, I’m gonna sign it. I can rob the bank twice if they let me” 

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Tyron Woodley even stated that he is ready to fight Jake more than twice if he wishes as it will only make him money. 

“So, for me, yeah, we can do it once, we can do it twice, we can do it three times, however many times you wanna do it. I’m with it. Good money.” Woodley added. 

Tyron Woodley on Jake Paul’s height and youth advantage

Many of the fight fans were critical of  Jake for not fighting with a “real fighter”. Jake has always been skeptical of whom he is fighting and fight fans have questioned the same. Keeping in streak with his strategy so far, Jake Paul has chosen an opponent who is relatively smaller in size than him and has a drawback in terms of age as well. However, the five-time UFC welterweight champion asserted that he did something similar with Darren Till in 2018 and he will repeat it again. Woodley said :

“Have you ever seen Darren Till? Darren Till is probably six foot two, six foot three, maybe 10 or 15 pounds heavier than Paul. He’s the one that I fought for the title back in 2018. He was an up-and-coming prospect. He was a young, hungry kid. I was an old kid. He didn’t land one punch. He finished off. So, I’m fast. I’m explosive, I’m very smart. I see things very well. I’m just learning. I’m still getting better. I haven’t even reached my peak.” said Tyron Woodley.”