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“I Have Made 30 Million Already” – Floyd Mayweather Reveals Astonishing Figures Ahead of Logan Paul Boxing Bout



Floys vs Logan

Floyd Mayweather is getting on to fight Logan Paul this weekend.  In the meantime, the money has proclaimed that he had already made 30 million already. The fight is billed as “bragging rights”. Certainly, “money” has made enough money already to brag about.  

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather faceoff

Interestingly the exhibition match wont have any judges. In addition to that, there will bw no offical winner at bthe end of the match. Traditional sports combat fans are heavily criticizing the bout . Moreover, the only fighter to beat Logan Paul, fellow YouTuber KSI also confessed ” This is the most pointless fight of all mankind. I can’t believe that it’s happening. I guess everyone is just trying to get that money.” 

Floyd Mayweather reveals he is making “Crazy money” for his fight against Logan Paul

Now, it is no secret that the match is concentrated on generating heavy revenue. However, the “Money” giving insights on earning 30 million dollars just for the lead-up of the match somehow proves the sole purpose of the match distinctively. 

Upon being asked about his retirement, Mayweather clearly stated “I’m fighting a YouTuber who thinks he’s a real fighter and I’m getting crazy money for it”. It is to be mentioned that, the legend retired from pro boxing in the year 2017 after defeating the UFC PPV king Conor McGregor.

Later when the former champion was questioned on Logan’s odds, “I’m fighting a YouTuber who thinks he’s a real fighter and I’m getting crazy money for it” he told the reporters.  

On the other hand, Logan is convinced that he will dominate Floyd. Indicating his size advantage. ” For Floyd’s sake let’s hope it doesn’t get physical,” said the YouTuber. Logan also mentioned that he knows this is a fight and anything can happen. The elder of the Paul brother intends on hitting hard and believes that anything can happen inside the ring and rightfully so. The elder Paul has an underwhelming record of 0-1 in comparison to the “money” who retired undefeated in his professional boxing career. While the experience will certainly be on Floyd’s side, the biggest factor of unpredictability continues to favor Logan Paul.

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The Showtime PPV is scheduled to begin at 8 pm on the 6th of June. Now, it is obvious that the end of the fight won’t disappoint fight fans. As there won’t be any official winner until someone gets knocked out.