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“I Hesitated For a Split Second”- Stipe Miocic Speaks Out on His Loss Against Francis Ngannou

Stipe Miocic went into the rematch against Francis Ngannou with the title of Greatest heavyweight fighter of all time. However, the outcome did not go in his favor as Ngannou picked up a KO win and avenged his loss to Miocic.

The rematch was a fast-paced fight in which Francis Ngannou dominated Stipe Miocic. In the first round was, Miocic barely landed any significant strike but he was able to survive some of the nastiest punches thrown by Ngannou. And it was expected that Miocic would face adversities in the first round against Ngannou.

However, fans were expecting Stipe Miocic to take over and win the later part of the fight. But, this time Ngannou came up with a better game plan and was able to finish the fight in the second round. There was a moment when it seemed Miocic rocked Ngannou with a straight right but moments later Ngannou connected with a left hook knocking Miocic out.

In a recent interview with Pat McAfee, Stipe Miocic talked about what went wrong in his last fight. Miocic recalled:

“I felt good. I gave him the first round, but I wasn’t worried because he’s usually stronger in the first round, I felt him gassing a little bit. He was still good, but I was like okay, we still have four more rounds to go. Then, I hit him with that right hand and hesitated for a split second and got caught with that hook, what are you going to do, it sucks.”

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Stipe Miocic is making huge changes for the Francis Ngannou trilogy

Stipe Miocic is also aiming to gain weight before he takes on Ngannou in a trilogy fight. Miocic wants to put on atleast 20 lbs of muscle mass to match Ngannou’s power in the octagon. And it’s hard to deny that this move won’t help Miocic in the trilogy. Miocic explained:

“Yeah, I want to get back what’s mine… I’m trying to get to 250. I just made 230 last time, not because I tried but because of training. I’m really going to stick to try and add some weight and mass. I felt good, but 20 pounds will help, I will feel a lot stronger. He’s a big dude.”

Stipe Miocic

It seems Francis Ngannou will take on Derrick Lewis next. Besides that, there is a possibility that Jon Jones will fight the winner of that fight. Though Stipe Miocic has not given any update on when he is planning to return to the octagon it’s likely that he will face Ngannou in 2022.


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