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“I Hurt Him More Than He Did” – Jermell Charlo Makes a Case After Title Unification Bout Ends on a Draw



The Charlo brothers

Jermell Charlo did not look too happy with the judges’ decision in the title unification bout for the light-middleweight championship against Brian Castano. The much-anticipated unification bout for the light-middleweight championship ended on a draw after exciting 12 rounds of action. Twin Charlo stated in the post-fight interview that he believed he won the fight by citing that he landed more power shots than his opponent Brian Castano and rightfully so.

“The draw was not what I wanted to hear, if anything I won that fight. I hurt him more than he did.” Jermell said in the post-fight interview. 

However, it won’t be wrong to say that Castano’s constant pressure and his ability to take the shots from a very dangerous Jermell did not make it seem like Jermell won the rounds. While Jermell did manage to land some heavy shots on, visibly staggering Castano in the second round and later in the eleventh round, it’s safe to say that Castano looked more offensive and the more output throughout the 12 rounds. 

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Jermell Charlo

In record, Castano landed more punches than any of Jermell’s opponents, showing his toughness and his heart against a very dangerous Jermell Charlo. Many hoped for a quick finish from Jermell looking at his recent performances, however, it was a resilient Castano who did not make it look easy for Jermell.

Additionally, Castano also landed some lethal hooks and right hands on Jermell, clipping him on several occasions and always keeping him near the ring. Castano, additionally, finished most of the round in advantage, landing a flurry of shots in the closing moments of the first half of the fight, and followed it up with great output in the latter half of the fight. 

What’s next for Jermell Charlo? 

On asked whether a rematch with Brian Castano is on the cards, Jermell Charlo did not give any confirmation and left it on his manager to make the final decision. 

In what would have been the first-ever undisputed champion at the light-middleweight division, the fight ending on a draw certainly did not leave the fans happy as the crowd erupted into boos. 

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Brian Castano

Be that as it may, it’s safe to say that a rematch could be on the cards, and looking at how the fight played out, it’s evident that a lot of fans would be excited to watch Jermell and Castano once again share the boxing ring in the near future.

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