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“I Love Jake Paul”- Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley Agree to a Bizarre Condition for Their Upcoming Boxing Match



Jake Paul tattoo bet

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodle met again for the press conference to promote their upcoming boxing fight. And there were some fun moments during that press conference.

Tyron Woodley stumping Jake Paul by calling him a child when Paul himself called Woodley a man was a funny moment from the press conference, while Paul trolling Woodley by saying that he brought a used Bentley seemed to piss Tyron Woodley off.

However, the press conference ended in a bizarre new condition for the fight. In their first face-off, Jake Paul challenged Tyron Woodley to put his entire fight purse on the line and he can get double the fight purse if he wins on August 29.

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However, Tyron Woodley did not seem too excited about that term. This time around, when the younger of the Paul brothers brought up his new deal, Woodley seemed okay with it as he said yes.

He suggested: “If I beat you, you have to get “I love Jake Paul” tattooed on you. But if you beat me “I love Tyron Woodley” tattooed on me. Deal or no Deal. But are you confident or not.”

He would further go on to instigate Tyron Woodley by saying “This guy has no fucking confidence.” Woodley would finally say yes to this term which is fun for the fans and the ones who are going to win the fight.

So it seems both Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley have one extra reason to train harder ahead of their fight.

Can Jake Paul actually box?

It’s high time now to stop calling Jake Paul a YouTuber and Disney Kid. He is all that and then some. He might not be the best boxer in the world right now but he is certainly good at it and definitely getting better with the day.

He has been training with some elite coaches and sparring partners for a while now. And unlike his brother Logan Paul, he has a good run in boxing so far. Though Logan Paul has had some huge fights, fans do not consider him as good as Jake in the boxing ring because of the outcomes of his fights.

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Jake Paul is a legit threat to Tyron Woodley inside the boxing ring considering how the last few fights of Tyron Woodley have gone inside the octagon and it will be interesting to see both the boxers square off inside the boxing ring come August 29.

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