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“I Never Had a Boyfriend”- Here’s Why Amanda Serrano Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend

Amanda Serrano is on the verge of making history! The Unified Featherweight Champion is scheduled to fight Katie Taylor in hopes to become the Undisputed Lightweight Champion.

Amanda Serrano had a very interesting start to her boxing career. In a recent video, it was revealed that she first walked into a boxing gym to accompany her sister. However, Serrano found a job at the front desk shortly after that and it led to her eventually signing up to become a boxer herself.

The road to become one of the most decorated combat sports athletes was not an easy one. She initially trained with her older sister Cindy Serrano. When she came to know of Amanda’s aspirations to become a boxer, Cindy was not supportive of it. Along with the trainer Jordan Maldonado, she tried to ‘beat it out’ of her. But her grit and determination made them change their mind. Recalling the incident, Jordan said,

“So I said to myself, You know what? I know how to get it out of her. I said, ‘Cindy, do me a favour. Suit up, I need you to beat her up a little bit…. (Cindy Serrano) Beats her up again, (Amanda) starts crying again, leaves and I’m like okay. The third day she come back (again).”

Amanda Serrano reveals why she doesn’t have a boyfriend

Amanda Serrano sat down for an interview with the ‘New York Post’ in December of last year ahead of her fight against Miriam Gutiérrez. During the interview, the ‘Real Deal’ revealed the level of dedication that she has towards the sport. She stated that she did not engage in any recreational activity after her training. The 35-year-old said,

“I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t party. I don’t have friends. I don’t go on dates. I never had a boyfriend. I’ve never had a cell phone — ever. I started boxing at 18, after I graduated high school. You know, I didn’t have time for that, and after high school I was like, ‘I’m not going to do it.’ I started boxing.”

Amanda Serrano
Amanda Serrano (via Twitter)

The Puerto Rican champ revealed why she chose to stay single throughout her life. In the interview, she went on to add that having partners in life came with it’s fair share of ‘distractions’ and she had no time for it. Serrano said,

“I’ve seen fighters that have a boyfriend or they have a girlfriend and they’ll get into a fight with their partner, go to the gym and they won’t have the same performance that they had just a day before when their relationship was good. … I don’t need it. If I’m going to put myself in the sport, I’m going to give it 100 percent. I’m going to sacrifice whatever is on the outside and distractions.”  (h/t New York Post)

All of her hard work has certainly paid its dividends. Amanda Serrano is the only women’s boxing champion who has held championship belts across seven weight divisions. She will etch one more record to her name this Saturday as she becomes the first woman alongside Katie Taylor to headline a boxing card in the Madison Square Garden. Find out all the details regarding the event by clicking here.

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