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“I Pitied the Man, To Be Honest” – Conor McGregor Blames His Mindset for His Loss to Dustin Poirier in The Rematch



Conor McGregor

As UFC is heading its way towards the biggest event of the year, the entire narrative of UFC 264 has been of a single fight. This is because two of the best lightweights in the division will go toe to toe for the third time in their careers. With the score tied as one win and one loss for both Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier, the value of this trilogy fight increases significantly.

As a result, both fighters are promoting this fight and expressing their thoughts on different platforms. During the build-up for this fight, Conor McGregor sits down with one of ESPN’s biggest news reporters for a short interview. While speaking to Stephen A Smith, McGregor explained what happened in January at UFC 257.

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Conor McGregor

“There was a lot of free things given, there was weight on the scales given. There were shots in the octagon given. There was plauds and support given. There is nothing free given this time. Everything is getting took and that’s the mindset here.”

The Notorious also revealed the reason for his loss against The Diamond. “Yeah, I would say so I mean there’s a few things I pitied the man, to be honest. I was looking past him. I had the Manny Pacquiao camp in place.”

It is safe to assume that the Irishman has accepted his mistakes and returned to his former self ahead of this trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier. Furthermore, it looks like he will leave no stone unturned for this trilogy fight and will prove his mettle to the entire world.

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Conor McGregor reveals the problems of having his family during preparations and gives his predictions for the trilogy fight.

It was clearly visible to the entire world that Conor McGregor was not focused against Dustin Poirier during their rematch in January. Moreover, The Notorious displayed an extremely different side at the press conferences and interviews of UFC 257. McGregor was a “gentleman” as Poirier points out. However, that’s not the case leading into the trilogy fight at UFC 264.

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The Irishman mentioned a change that he has done from the rematch at UFC 257 for this trilogy fight. McGregor added that “Another thing I have not brought my family with me this time. It’s hard to go face to face with someone and tear through the man and then hold your son or your daughter.

“When I have a rest day around my family it’s not really a rest day. I’m playing with my kids, I’m busy. My rest day has been true rest days. Then when I go for my next round of work. I’m energized I’m fresh.”

The Notorious ended the interview by predicting the outcome of the fight. “It’s Ko, out on a stretcher this man is going”. As a result, everyone can notice that Conor McGregor is focused and very confident in securing a victory. Therefore he will look to end things for good when he steps into the octagon on 10th July.

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