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“I Started Playing Because of her” – Naomi Osaka on Who Inspires Her to Play



Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka, a four-time grand slam winner is out from the tennis court for quite some time. Her fans are eagerly waiting for her return to the court. The Japanese sensation came out forward and has praised Serena Williams. On being asked about her return to the court, she assured that she will try her best to make it as soon as possible. 

Let us hear it from the world no. 2 player on what she has to say about her inspiration and her return. 

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Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams

These two superstars may be rivals on the court but off-court they highly admire each other. Naomi Osaka on being asked about her inspiration said it was the former number 1 player Serena Williams. The Japanese player stated that Serena was the reason why she started playing and loving this sport. 

“Serena. Her legacy is more than her being Serena. I started playing because of her. I’m sure there are so many other girls that started playing because of her, so she literally built champions. “And I think passing it down is how the newer generations get inspired”. said Naomi Osaka for Serena Williams.

She also said a few more things about how she wants everyone to remember her when she is no more playing the sport. “If I were to retire from tennis, I would want people to remember me with how I acted towards people and like how I interacted,” claimed the 4-time grand slam winner.



When will the Japanese return to the Court?

Naomi has assured her fans that she is well on course to make a return to the tennis court anytime soon. She last featured in the US Open where she suffered a third-round loss. Her Olympic campaign also did not go well and she suffered an early elimination. 

“You know, I’ve been playing tennis since I was three years old,” For sure I love the sport. I know I’m gonna play again, probably soon because I kind of have that itch again. “But it wouldn’t really matter to me if I won or lost. I’d just have the joy of being back on the court.” said the Japanese. 

She also spoke about the mindset that she used to carry when she entered the court and that would eventually damage her. “I wasn’t playing to make myself happy and I was more concerned about what would people say about me. “I used to love the competition and just being competitive. Like if I were to play a long match, the longer it was the more fun it was for me,” said Naomi.