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‘I think Lebron is the most disciplined player we have seen in the NBA’- Draymond Green picks his title favourites



lebron James and Draymond Green

Warriors forward, Draymond Green was on ‘Jalen and Jacoby’. The show is hosted by former NBA player Jalen Rose and David Jacoby. They were discussing concerns of players playing in the NBA Bubble in Orlando, the responsibility of the league in promotion of social justice. They talked about the Warriors’ motivation to win another title without Kevin Durant. Subsequently, they also discussed which team is the favourite to win to which Draymond answered the Lakers.

Draymond believes that the Lakers have the best chance to win this season because they have LeBron James. He said,” he (LeBron James) can kinda adjust to anything and I think probably he is the most disciplined player we have seen in the NBA”. He in the interview also made a case for the Clippers as they have players who tick all boxes making them very dangerous. But he still feels that Lebron is the X-factor which will push the Lakers to the championship. Later, they talked about how LeBron and the Lakers could have an asterisk as the season restarts amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. Draymond feels its just the perspective of the public and in the record books, it would clearly say champion if they win.

But Draymond Green received heavy criticism from journalist Skip Bayless for his comments regarding LeBron and the lakers. According to Skip Draymond is LeBron’s ‘6th Horseman’ after Maverick Carter, Rich Paul, Randy Mims, Shannon Sharpe and Kendrick Perkins. He also referred to the 2016 NBA finals between the Cavaliers and Warriors. In the 4th game of that series, Draymond Green called LeBron ‘B****’ which led to his suspension for two games. Skip feels this was the reason the Cavaliers came back from the 3-1 deficit.

Skip also said on his show that Draymond is becoming LeBron’s ‘Assistant PR Director’ after Kendrick Perkins who is ‘The PR Director’. He believes after the finals incident Draymond and LeBron got closer as we saw them on LeBron’s show ‘The Shop’. They both became business partners on the media company called ‘Uninterrupted’ and Draymond also signed with Kluch Sports, the agency which is run by Rich Paul who is one of LeBron’s closest friends.

He also believes the statements made by Draymond Green aren’t true and LeBron isn’t the most disciplined nor he can adjust in any situations. We have been witnesses to Skip Bayless’ several rants targetted towards LeBron not being as good as Michael Jordan and this is one is also of them.

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