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Is Among Us Still as Popular as It Used to Be?



Among Us is one of the most popular games of 2020. It’s a social deduction game developed by Innersloth. Among Us came out in 2018 but started gaining popularity during the lockdown in 2020. The reason Among us was so popular in Android and iOS is because of the free-to-play access. While it Costs just 5 Dollars in steam, making it easily accessible to all. A lot of Streamers and YouTubers like MrBeast, pewdiepie and Cody ko also contributed to its fame, making it a must-play of 2018

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When first launched, it had only one map called the skeld. The skeld is the most popular map in the game. It had 14 different locations with 17 tasks making it the second-smallest map in the game. Seeing the game gaining popularity, the developers soon added two more maps in 2019, knows as Mira Hq and Polus. Mira HQ is the smallest map in the game. When it first came out, the map came with the Mira HQ skin bundle for which the players had to pay, but it’s free to play now. Mira HQ has 14 different locations and 19 different tasks.

Polus is the third map added to the game, with 14 different locations and 24 different tasks, making it the second-largest map of the game. This map also came with The Polus skin bundle, which the players had to pay to access. Later Polus was also made free to play.

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Latest Updates of Among us

On March 31, the developers added a new map to the game The Airship. with 20 different locations and 23 different tasks, making it the largest map in the game. Along with the Ability to Vent, the developers also added two new moving objects with moving platforms and Ladders. Even though the game is not as popular as it used to be, with the Low loading time and lot’s of working servers, The quirky Animation to multiple maps to play on it’s safe to say that even in 2021, Among us is still relevant.

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