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Is UFC Fighter Dominick Reyes Related to Hit TV Series Cobra Kai?

Dominick Reyes has often been tagged with the word “Cobra Kai” on various social media platforms. Needless to say, this has led many to believe that the former UFC light-heavyweight title challenger has some connection with the hit TV series Cobra Kai.

Dominick Reyes, who suffered the first loss of his MMA career against Jon Jones back at UFC 247, failed to secure the light-heavyweight championship in his second attempt, dropping a stoppage loss to Jan Blachowicz. Reyes will look to jump back to the winning column to keep his pursuit of the UFC gold alive.

The various theories started doing rounds when Reyes put out a photo on Instagram where he can be seen being done make-up on, with the hashtag “Cobra Kai.” Check out the post below.

Needless to say, for many mutual fans when both Reyes and the hit Karate show Cobra Kai appeared under the same hashtag, it raised a lot of questions. During the time Cobra Kai was set to return with the third season on Netflix. However, despite what looked like a tease, Reyes did not make an appearance on the hit show.

What is Cobra Kai in Dominick Reyes’ social media posts?

Interestingly enough, Dominick Reyes once used the train at the same gym named after the iconic gym from the Karate Kid movie. The TV series which started on YouTube Red opened to huge critical acclaim and earned its way on Netflix for the third season. The story follows both Lawrence and Larusso and their journeys after 30 years since the first All-Valley tournament.

It’s safe to say that Dominick Reyes is not related to the Karate Kid TV sequel, and has not acted in any of the episodes. While one may not remove the possibility, considering Reyes once used to be a part of a gym named “Cobra Kai” and the light-heavyweight contender in one of the biggest names in his division right now. While many may have believed that Reyes was teasing an appearance on the hit show, the truth is, he was just giving a shoutout to his gym.

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