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Is Valorant the Reason Why CS:GO Has Lost its Appeal? Tarik’s Tweet Makes for an Interesting Arguement



Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter game. The game that once ruled not only Steam, but almost the entire world, is no longer in charge. Valorant’s entry into the competitive arena has significantly diminished CS:GO’s kingdom Many renowned CS:GO players are switching to Valorant.

Though it would be an exaggeration to say that CS:GO has lost all influence. It has not lost all of its fame, but it has diminished significantly. The number of players has undoubtedly decreased. After the introduction of Paid Prime status, the number of players began to decline.

Both games have extremely passionate communities and a growing esports industry, yet there always appears to be a debate between the two groups of fans.

Tarik, a well-known CS:GO player, tried to start a dispute by making a provocative comment on Twitter. In a nutshell, he stated that CS:GO is more difficult than Valorant. This was the necessary spark for the combustion. Fans from both fanbases came out in force for a virtual discussion.

Players began bringing out data tables, reports, and research papers to show the other side wrong. According to Shroud Valorant, the game is significantly more difficult than CS:GO since each agent has distinct skills. Valorant, unlike CS:GO, is dependent on much more than simply gun power, making the game tough to play.

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Whereas  Famous CS:GO streamer m0e took a more measured approach, noting that although mechanics are more difficult in CS:GO, abilities offer more complexity to Valorant. Tarik tweeted once more as the virtual war between two fan bases raged on. Tarik might have liked to witness some online fun battles. A single tweet was enough to send two fanbases into a frenzy.

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What’s unexpected about him is that Shroud has invited him to join his squad for the Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Open Qualifiers. So, what’s next? Will he remain loyal to CS:GO or will he go to Valorant?

Tarik, the 25-year-old CSGO player, has departed the Evil Geniuses roster owing to the team’s poor performance. He claimed that he was “dissatisfied” with EG’s results. He also said that the choice to bench himself was his own. He is still an Evil Geniuses member as a content developer and a famous streamer.

It will be interesting to watch what decision he makes in the coming future.

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