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“It Was a Very Risky Move For Him”- Dana White Did Not Like Conor McGregor Pulling Guillotine Against Dustin Poirier in the Trilogy



Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor trilogy bout was one of the most anticipated fights of this year. Furthermore, what made the fans more excited about this fight was their ongoing Twitter war and animosity during the pre-fight press conference. Both fighters were very confident that they would secure the victory violently and finish this story.

However, things took an unexpected twist when the two fighters stepped into the octagon to fight at UFC 264 in front of a packed T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The fight only lasted for one round because McGregor suffered a dreadful leg injury at the dying seconds of the first round. As a result, the referee stopped the fight and announced Dustin Poirier as the winner of the fight via Doctor’s stoppage.

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The fans were unhappy with how the fight ended and started booing The Diamond during his post-fight interview. Therefore the ending of this fight was unusual because no one in the world would have predicted that the fight would end due to the Conor McGregor snapping his leg.

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Dana White believes that the guillotine was a very risky move for Conor McGregor against Dustin Poirier

After Conor McGregor dominated the first couple of minutes of the fight by landing some strong leg kicks and stiff punches. Dustin Poirier acted upon his gameplan and landed a takedown. However, The Notorious decided to go for the guillotine which proved to be costly for the former lightweight champion.

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Dana white and Conor McGregor

As Poirier managed to get out of it and landed some good elbows. Therefore he controlled the rest of the first round. Many pundits criticized McGregor for trying the submission maneuver as they believe that he should have tried to break out from the clinch.

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UFC president Dana White gave his opinion regarding this topic after the fight.  “Listen you say a lot of things in the press conference. But when you are in a fight, the guillotine is a part of the sport, so if it’s there you take it. It was actually a very risky move for him to take that. I think if you are gonna take it then keep it standing and try to keep it standing than going to the ground.”

During the fight, former UFC champion Daniel Cormier criticized the Irishman for using the Guillotine because it falls directly in the hands of Poirier. He also added that The Diamond can effortlessly counter this move and get to a better position because he is a black belt at Jiu-Jitsu.

Therefore things would have been different if McGregor defended himself better during the takedown. In the end, Poirier should get credit for dealing with the submission and defeating Conor McGregor.

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