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“It’s a lose-lose for me”- Tyson Fury shrugs off the million dollar dance with Mike Tyson



Tyson Fury WBC Heavyweight Champion

Tyson Fury was named after one of the greatest boxers of all time, Mike Tyson. However, when the chance came to Fury to battle it out inside the ring against Tyson for an exhibition bout, Fury declined. Ever since making a return to the boxing ring, Fury has taken the boxing world y storm. He not only managed to hand Deontay Wilder his first loss of his career, but also the fashion in which he dethroned the former champion. He earlier revealed that his TKO victory over Wilder was courtesy Wilder disrespecting Mike Tyson. Deontay Wilder is regarded as the Tyson Fury of modern era, with one punch knockout power.

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Fury revealed in an interview that he was offered to fight Mike Tyson, however, nothing materialized.

“No there was talk of it. I was contacted by Mike Tyson’s people. Me and Mike had…a face time, a zoom call, we had a  phone call. Yea, it was definitely real. But nothing ever materialized from it. They was offering the money and they came back and offered us like peanuts completely.”

Tyson Fury reveals why he won’t fight Mike Tyson

Fury revealed that he received a $10 million offer, which was a joke compared to the $500 million talks that he had with Mike Tyson. Fury revealed that he has moved on from the fight, eventually stating that Mike Tyson vs Tyson Fury is not happening.

“Mike Tyson was talking to me like $500 million figures and stuff. And what was offered, what came back on paper was like ok this has gotta be a joke. Someone’s crazy. Nothing ever happened, nothing materialized. I did have the offer on the table from ESPN of 10 million dollars to do the fight like an exhibition. It was what it was and I think everyone’s moved on.”

However, on an off chance if this bout had materialized, it would have gone down as one of the greatest boxing spectacle of the modern era. Mike Tyson has looked incredible in the training videos he has been posting off late. Fury looks absolutely riveting, and has garnered much media attention and global recognition to hype up the match-up if it had taken place.

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