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“It’s Not Easy to Handle Everything”- Simona Halep Explains How the Past Two Years Have Changed Her

The past two and half years have been a weird and a scary experience for Simona Halep and for all of us as well. There isn’t a single person who did not get affected by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns that it brought alongside it.

No profession, no business organisation remained unaffected by the pandemic. The sport of tennis is no exception to the agony brought by the virus. A lot of people had to focus on their mental health and had to take a lot of other factors into consideration once the pandemic started.

Tennis players realised that there is much more to life than training, playing matches and hitting the yellow tennis ball over the net. Simona Halep was recently asked about how these past two years have affected her.

Simona Halep
Image Credits: WTA

A lot of things have happened in the past two and a half years which have directly or indirectly affected the tennis fraternity.

Be it the pandemic, the Peng Shuai controversy, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and more. All of these factors have changed the overall experience of a tennis player’s tour. 

Simona Halep explains how the past two years have affected her

In a recently conducted interview, Simona Halep was asked about the impact of the past couple of years on her life, for this she stated, 

“It’s tiring in my opinion for everybody and it gives us anxiety,” former world No.1 Simona Halep said on Thursday when I asked her how she felt about this entire period of worry and uncertainty.

“It’s not easy to handle everything and yes I feel that everybody is struggling, not only tennis players, not only the tennis world. I feel like the world is struggling and many people are suffering for one reason or another and I don’t feel that everybody is stable now.”

Simona Halep faced serious injury woes last year, and she was on the brink of retiring from the sport since she had the feeling that she would be able to compete at the top levels again and she was way past her prime performance.

However, after getting a new coach, Patrick Mouratoglou who was Serena Williams’s former coach, she found her motivation again to compete at the top levels.   

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