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“It’s Over”- Francis Ngannou Will Leave UFC After His Fight Against Ciryl Gane Unless UFC Offers a Better Contract



Francis Ngannou will leave UFC

The UFC heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou is set to defend his title against the interim champ Ciryl Gane at UFC 270. However, this might be Ngannou’s last UFC fight, unless he is offered a better contract. This is his last fight of his contract of 8 fights.

With his last fight around the corner, there is a lot of confusion about his future with the UFC. If Ciryl Gane stuns the heavyweight champ, then Ngannou is free to decide about his future. On the contrary, if he defends his title yet again, then his contract is likely to get extended.

However, the champ has made it clear that he will not fight under the same contract again. He says “I will not fight for $500,000 or $600,000 anymore. It’s over. I took this fight for personal reasons, because I want to make sure that regardless of whether it’s fair, I can make my case that I have completed the fights.”

Interestingly, Francis Ngannou expresses that he wished to stay with the UFC and hopes to be offered a better contract that pays him more. He also wants the contract to allow him to fight big names like Tyson Fury. 

However, the UFC and Ngannou have failed to reach a mutual agreement over the past few years. Dana White expressed his thoughts earlier and said ““Listen, if you want to be with us, we’d love to have you. If you don’t want to be with us, no problem. All good.”

Francis Ngannou on Ciryl Gane and fighting for his country

Cirly Gane, has a winning streak of 10 fights. His last dominating win against Derick Lewis announced him as the interim champion. Both Ngannou and Gane go way back as training partners. Gane will be Ngannou’s toughest challenge so far being much faster and athletic than him. Ngannou expresses that Gane is very light on his feet unlike the other heavyweights and is a good fighter.

Franics Ngannou shares that he feels overwhelmed by the support of his Country. Before he won the title, he learnt that he was fighting for something bigger than himself, he was fighting on behalf of the country of Cameroon. Check his exclusive interview out.