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Jake Paul Says He Is More Popular Than Logan Paul – “I’m Definitely Carrying the Weight of Paul Family”



Jake Paul

The Paul brothers are some of the most controversial and polarising figures in entertainment history. However, they unknowingly created a business that has become insanely popular. Logan Paul and Jake are the ones to create the celebrity boxing events where two entertainers fought in a boxing ring to settle their differences. 

The first event of this nature first took place in 2018, when Logan Paul took on another fellow YouTuber called KSI. Although Logan has had a few fights including an exhibition against Floyd Mayweather, it is Jake Paul who has taken boxing somewhat seriously. After having a few amateur fights in the YouTube world, he continued his career and turned Pro. 

His brutal knockout of Nate Robinson in the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. card put him in the map of boxing. Following that, Jake Paul managed to secure a fight against Ben Askren who is a retired MMA fighter. 

Paul managed to repeat the result as he knocked Askren out cold. But the toughest test of his career came against the former UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. The two fought in an 8 round sanctioned bout. Woodley hurt Paul badly in the 4th round. But the 24-year old outboxed Tyron in order to secure the victory via unanimous decision.

Has Jake Paul eclipsed Logan Paul?

In a recent interview clip uploaded by IMPAULSIVE ClipsJake Paul was asked if he is more popular than Logan Paul in recent times. The younger Paul brother has managed to stay in the headlines thanks to his role in combat sports. 

Answering the question, Jake said, “I’m definitely carrying the weight of Paul family for sure. This is sort of my year like it is what it is, you know what I’m saying? But the answer is ‘yeah’. For sure it is. I’m just going back to back with these super big promotions and billboards and sh*t all over cities and commercials on TV.”

He further added, “I mean the answer is yeah, (but) I’m not trying to be a d**k. The beautiful thing is, no matter what each one of us does, it benefits the other. So like he’s benefitting out of my press and I benefit off of his press and accomplishments.”

“Before we were in competition, but now we both look at it like, ‘oh, that’s a win for him, that’s a win for me’, which is beautiful,” said Jake Paul who has a fight coming up in a week’s time. He will take on Tyron Woodley in the rematch to their fight earlier in the year. The event will take place in Florida on December 18.