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Jake Paul’s Boxing Fight Purse: How Much Money Has Jake Paul Earned in His Boxing Career?



Jake Paul next oppoennt

Jake Paul is a popular social media influencer with millions of followers on Instagram and Youtube. However, the Disney Star has now completely shifted its focus on boxing over the last few years. Moreover, he has his eyes set on becoming a world champion one day. He made his debut in the sport in a Youtube boxing event against Deji in 2018. 

Since that fight, the Problem Child has turned professional with three boxing fights to his name. During this short period, Jake has knocked out all the opponents that have stepped up against him. Therefore Jake has turned into one of the biggest prized fighters in the sport of boxing. Owing to the fact, that he has such high brand value attached to his name and is also a marketing genius.

As a result, let’s take a look at the amount of money he has made from all his boxing fights.

The Fight Purse of Jake Paul for his bout against Deji

This was Jake Paul’s first boxing fight which took place in Manchester, England in 2018. He was on the undercard of the event that was headlined by Ksi and Logan Paul. However, the exact amount of fight purse of Jake Paul and Deji was not revealed even after the event. 

Although if we take a look at KSI and Logan Paul’s earnings from the fight, an estimated figure of Jake Paul’s purse could be deduced. Ksi and Logan Paul earned around a million and according to a source known as Distractify, Jake has earned around $700k-$800k that includes PPV and sponsorship.

Jake Paul’s Fight Purse against Aneson Gib

After convincingly beating Deji, Jake Paul had to prove to everyone that he is not an amateur boxer as he went head to head against Aneson Gib in a professional boxing bout. Further, this was Jake’s first pro fight against a British YouTuber with decent skills.

Jake Paul

According to Boxing Planet’s estimation, Jake Paul made a hefty sum of $1,000,000 for his first professional bout. Whereas Aneson Gib had earned $900,000 for the fight. In the bout, the Problem Child came into the limelight as he defeated Gib via knockout.

Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson Fight Purse

Next up in line for Jake Paul was former New York Knicks Basketball player Nate Robinson. The two celebrities fought against each other in November 2020. In this boxing bout, Jake thrashed Nate and the former basketball player had no chance as he was knocked down several times before Jake Paul finally knocked him out in the second round.

Nate Robinson vs Jake Paul

The fight purse of this bout was surprisingly less. According to Clutch Points, Jake Paul and Nate Robinson earned $600 as their guaranteed earnings. However, the Problem Child later clarified that their deal was build in the backend around how well would the event do across the world. Therefore Jake revealed that he earned an astronomical $10,000,000 from his fight against Nate Robinson. 

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Fight Purse

After the Nate Robinson clash, the narrative around Jake Paul was that he has not fought against a fighter. As a result, he decided to take on Ben Askren who is a former welterweight champion at Bellator and One Championship. The two fought in April and as a result, a lot of hype was created around this fight due to the trash talk from both sides.

Ben Askren

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren KO

However, Jake walked the talk as he stopped Ben Askren in the first round to win the bout via TKO. Moving on to the fight purses, the Youtuber turned Pro earned $690,000 for just showing up. Moreover, he earned a lot more in terms of PPV sales, sponsorships, etc. 

Hence this fight proved to most fans that Jake Paul is serious about boxing and wants to create a big name and win a title in the future. Therefore Jake has become one of the biggest names in boxing and is set to earn a ton of money in the future if he continues his domination in the sport.