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Jake Paul’s Entrance Song: List of Songs Jake Paul Has Walked Out to in His Boxing Career



Jake Paul next oppoennt

The YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is going to put his undefeated professional record on the line against the former UFC welterweight champion Tryon Woodley. His first pro fight was against a fellow social media influencer, AnEsonGib. Jake and Gib co-featured the WBO world middleweight bout between Andrade and Keeler. Paul knocked out the Gib in the first round. 

On the back of his staggering debut, Jake then went on to KO former NBA star Nate Robinson. The fight between the Problem Child and Nate lasted only 1:24 in the second round. Paul had a clean record of 2-0 by now. But, fight fans started questioning his choice of opponents. Although Jake is a pro boxer he has always been skeptical of whom he is fighting. 

After facing criticism for the same Paul decided to fight UFC star, Ben Askren. The bout took place on April 17, 2021. Surprisingly, Ben was knocked down by Jake in one minute and 59 seconds of the first round itself. Every time Paul walked to that ring, he dominated. Now, let’s take a look at the list of songs Jake Paul has walked out to in his boxing career.

Jake Paul ’s Walkout Songs:

Last goodbye by Eric Kinney against AnEsonGib:

The last goodbye song is composed by Eric Kinney featuring Danica Dora. The song has millions of views and is quite a popular folk song. Jake used this to enter into the arena in his debut fight against AnEsonGib. Later in the night Jake KOed Gib in the first round. Except for the win, the classy walkout was another memory Paul fans took out with them to their home.



Basketball by Bowwow against Nate Robinson:

Basketball is the No. 1 sport for African-Americans and that was the reason Kurtis Blow, the writer of this song decided to make it. It was one of the biggest hits in 1984. Jake was going to fight a former basketball player. So, why not use a song on basketball itself to enter the arena. His entrance was sassy and so was his performance that night. 




Paper planes by MIA against Ben Askren:

“Paper planes” is one of the popular songs from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. The song was made by British hip-hop artist M. I. A. . The Problem Child used this song to walk out against Ben Askren. The entrance was extraordinary as a big robot walked out with him for this fight. Check out the video below:


What do you think Jake Paul will out to against the UFC superstar Tryon Woodley? Will he use the robot again as a prop or not? let us know in the comment section.