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Joe Rogan Is Making No Excuses – Sober October “No Pot, No Crazy Sh*t” Is On



Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is making no excuses ahead of the Sober October challenge. UFC Commentator Joe Rogan posted a video on social media platform Instagram where he called out his friends for not joining him on the “fun ride” sober October.

The Sober October crew including Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer will not be on board this time, however, Joe Rogan is pumped up and will take the Sober October challenge despite no support from his friends.

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In a video posted on Instagram, Joe Rogan captioned, “Sober October update! My friends @seguratom @bertkreischer and @arishaffir have all bi****d out, but I’m not going to leave you folks hanging. I know many of you were looking forward to this as an opportunity to get clean and get some positive momentum in your life, and I’m all about that. Let’s f***** do this! I’m working out every day this month and I’m drinking nothing but water and coffee. Plus, I have a feeling with the upcoming election in November we’re gonna need clear heads and rested livers.”

Known for his lavish lifestyle, comic, UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan sent out a hilarious message as he vowed to keep his promise of Sober October.

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“I know many of you were upset that we were not doing sober October this year. Well, I am in, I am with you.” Rogan said about the sober October challenge that he has been doing it for the last few years.

Joe Rogan Sober October Challenge is On

Rogan revealed that he texted his friend from the Sober October Crew, who made “excuses” for not going ahead with the challenge. Speaking about the reasons he has been hearing, and as evidently mentioned in the caption of his recent post, Rogan said, “We are getting drunk. it’s too crazy this year. The pandemic. The President’s dying. Oh! The purge. Excuses. Aris Affir did not even respond. He is probably on drugs. He is doing acid right now, laughing on this video.”

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Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan

‘No pot, no mushrooms, nothing crazy. Just coffee, water, and I am gonna work out every day. Come along with me, clean your fu**** act up, get some positive momentum, Sober October, it’s on kids.” Joe Rogan said as he ended the video.

Sober October is a month of sobriety challenge with huge participation around the world. On lines with the no-shave November, and several other word-play challenges, the idea is to remain sober for 31 days straight.