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John Fury and Tyson Fury – The Father-Son Duo Has Taken Over the World of Boxing



Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is a two-time World heavyweight champion in boxing, he is the third Heavyweight after Floyd Patterson and Muhammad Ali to have The Ring magazine titles twice. The lineal heavyweight champion has gone through a lot and during his journey of becoming the champion. Other than his impeccable boxing talent and determination, Fury always had help from some of his closest relatives. One of them is his father John Fury. John has undeniably done everything that a father can do to help his child achieve his dream.

John Fury was born on May 22, 1964, in Galway, Ireland. The Irish and British descendant himself is a retired professional boxer. Fury was also involved in many bare-knuckle fights. His boxing career continued for 8 years and involved 13 bouts. 

Currently, John Fury is well known for supporting his sons Tyson Fury and Tommy Fury. Father John Fury has a lot to do with Tyson’s success in the boxing world. When Tyson was born he had a three-month early premature birth and weighed Just one pound. The concerned doctors declared that he does not have a high chance of survival. John Fury and his wife Paris Fury had already lost both of their daughters due to premature birth, But father John didn’t lose hope. He was confident that Tyson would survive. 

John Fury brought Tyson Fury to boxing

John named his son Tyson Fury, After the name of legendary boxer Mike Tyson. He imagined that his son Tyson will be 7ft tall and will win the World Heavyweight Champion. And against all odds, Fury survived and grew stronger with time. At the age of 10, Fury dropped out of school and started helping his father and brothers at work. They used to do different works like resurfacing roads, collecting scraps, dealing cars, etc. Fury in his childhood was a shy boy but it changed afterward as he grew up. John encouraged Tyson to get into boxing and at the age of 14, Fury started training for boxing. 

Jhon and tyson fury

During his amateur boxing days in the local boxing club, he showed that he had naturally gifted talent and soon everybody started knowing him. When Tyson was 15 years old, he used to challenge his father in boxing. At that age, Tyson broke John’s ribs with one blow. It won’t be wrong to say that John’s support for Tyson’s boxing made him the Gypsy King he is today

Father John Fury trained his son till 2001. Later that year, John Fury was arrested for gouging out a man’s eye in a street brawl and was sentenced to 11-years in Jail. He was released in 2005 after serving only four years. 

However, After coming out of jail, Fury continued his support for his son Tyson. Now, he is a proud father and corners Tyson in all his bouts. It is certain that Tyson would never be the people’s champion if he won’t have his father.

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