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“Jon Is Misunderstood a Lot”- Ali Abdelaziz on Why Dana White Is Upset With the Jon Jones Situation

The much-awaited heavyweight debut of Jon Jones is still in jeopardy as he has not come to terms with UFC on the fight purse issue. As per Dana White, Jon Jones asked $30 million for the heavyweight showdown with Francis Ngannou.

However, Jon Jones has disagreed with White’s claims and has cut ties with his long-time management team since then. At this moment, though Jon Jones is fully committed to a heavyweight debut his dispute with UFC is delaying the super fight with Francis Ngannou.

Jon Jones is not at all wrong for asking a big fight purse for the Francis Ngannou fight. He is arguably the greatest of all time and after dominating the light heavyweight division for over a decade he does deserve a fat paycheck for his heavyweight debut. But, Dana White has never been open about what goes on behind the scene when it comes to negotiations with the fighters. And Ali Abdelaziz believes that is the reason why Dana White is so upset with the whole Jon Jones situation.

Jon Jones
Mar 4, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; UFC president Dana White (left) greets fighter Jon Jones during a press conference prior to weigh-ins for UFC 196 at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

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Ali Abdelaziz offers to help Jon Jones

Dominance MMA’s CEO and the manager of some of the biggest names in MMA such as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Kamaru Usman, Ali Abdelaziz talked about the issues between Jon Jones and Dana White in a recent interview with ESPN.

Ali Abdelaziz explained the issue between Jones and White and said:

“I think Jon is misunderstood a lot. I think he’s a decent human being. I think he wears his emotion obviously but he’s fighting for himself you know. Listen if any advice I’ll give him, I know it’s frustrating, I know it’s hard John, but listen to me. You are a legend, a P4P one of the greatest ever, you should not have to go to Twitter to defend yourselves. It makes me sad. If you have beef with Dana White he is not hard to deal with. Everybody thinks he is a monster with three horns, he is not. He is just actually a decent guy. And you are a decent guy. Sit with him, have dinner, you and him, one on one, I guarantee you these two gentlemen will find a solution.”

Ali Abdelaziz even offered to help Jones free of cost. Abdelaziz continued:

“I helped GSP to fight Michael Bisping. I did not make a dollar. Would I do that for Jon, of course. Even without nothing I will help him, help a young man who is trying to make money. The other side is so mad because he is involving the media and involving the public.”

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