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Justin Gaethje Promises to Bring Back the Nature of “Quit” in Charles Oliveira at UFC 274

Justin Gaethje has time and again opined how he has seen a sense of “quit” in Charles Oliveira. While his opinion has changed ever since Oliveira’s incredible win over Dustin Poirier back at UFC 269, Gaethje believes that the old habit of giving up after getting hurt will come back to haunt him at UFC 274. 

Justin Gaethje is one of the fiercest punchers in the history of mixed martial arts. The Highlight has delivered some of the most entertaining bouts in the history of the sport and continues to cement his dominance in the UFC. Gaethje will take on Charles Oliveira in the main event of UFC 274 in his second attempt at becoming the undisputed UFC lightweight champion of the world.


It’s hard to deny Justin Gaethje. In the past, Charles Oliveira has shown his lack of ability to bounce back after getting hurt. Do Bronx has failed to recover from tough moments and has often choked in the face of adversity.

“The choice to quit is something that one makes and once you make it, you can make it again because you know, that it’s there. I don’t believe I’ve ever made that choice, I don’t believe some people have, and I believe some people have and I don’t think, you could be honest with yourself if you have, because you can’t fight again.”

“I believe that he has and that’s all I was saying, is that I believe deep down, he knows his way out and that’s just to quit whenever he gets hit too many times too hard,” Gaethje said.

Justin Gaethje believes Charles Oliveira still has a certain sense of “quit” in him

However, that was long before Oliveira’s impeccable 10-fight winning streak. Since then, Oliveira has come a long way as a mixed martial artist and continues to further cement his legacy as arguably one of the greatest lightweight fighters of all time.


“All those assessments were of a younger man, you know, He is 30, 30 years old, Thirty-one years old, you know, he is a man now, you know, and with confidence. A man with confidence is a dangerous man, and he’s not the same man that I was referring to. So I’m excited too. But again, deep down once it happened once, it’ll happen again, and I’m the perfect guy to show it to him. And I will show it to him. May 7th.” 


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This was seen in the fight against Michael Chandler, where despite getting rocked in the first round, Oliveira made a quick turnaround in the second and ended up winning the UFC gold. Oliveira showed newfound grit and determination once again in the Dustin Poirier fight.

Justin Gaethje is well aware that he has to keep the fight on the feet to get the advantage, and adds if Oliveira fails to take him down, it will be a similar fate that Michael Chandler faced, but for five rounds.



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