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Kyrie Irving and Bradley Beal Among the Players Who Could Miss 2021-22 NBA Season



Kyrie Irving on COVID-19 VACCINE NBA

COVID-19, the deadly virus shut down the lives of many people and even major sporting events. As people have begun to accept this new normal and major leagues around the world return, A certain set of guidelines has been laid down to ensure the smooth flow of the events. Prominent players like Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins, and Bradley Beal are at the risk of missing all home games if they choose not to get vaccinated. 

The NBA is all set to begin in October. This time the league will not take place in a bubble. It will have its fans coming in to cheer on their teams and favourite players. The NBA has made it compulsory for staff members, players, and fans to take the vaccine before entering a match.  The Vaccine has been contemplated by various players around the league. Some have gone ahead and taken the shot while others have refused to oblige. 

Kyrie Irving, Bradley Beal, and other NBA stars may face restrictions for refusing to take the vaccine

Kyrie Irving, the star point guard of the Brooklyn Nets plays a crucial role on the team. However, the Nets star may face restrictions as he has refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine. According to Kyrie Irving, he does not want to take the shot as he fears the vaccine is an excuse to insert microchips into people. Although this theory has been proven to be absurd, it still stands strong for Kyrie Irving

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Jonathan Issac, the start forward from the Orlando Magic is another player who remains unvaccinated.  Issac stands by his religious sentiments and is extremely proud of the fact that he has not taken the vaccine. He also mentioned that he puts his faith in God to save him from the virus and that it’s mere people making the vaccine and they can’t be trusted. 

At the end of the day, it’s people and you can’t always put your trust completely in people.

Washington Wizards star, Bradley Beal took to a press conference to express his view on the COVID-19 vaccine. He explained how people who have taken the vaccine also tend to come in contact with the virus. The star however also mentioned that he might consider taking the vaccine when he is eligible.

Another star who is not too keen on taking the COVID-19 vaccine is Golden State Warriors star, Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins mentioned that he will not take the vaccine unless he is forced to do so. 

According to the NBA, players have to get vaccinated to play in the league.  With a few players not willing to take the vaccine, their respective teams could face a lot of damage with their stars sidelined. 

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