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“Let’s Have a Podcast”- Joe Rogan Reveals What Conor McGregor Told Him After Breaking His Leg at UFC 264



Joe Rogan

The main event of UFC 264 that featured the trilogy fight between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor left a very sour taste in the minds of fight fans. This is because the trilogy ended in the worst possible manner as McGregor lost due to a leg injury. To make things worse Joe Rogan went towards the Irishman and sat down beside him to have a post-fight interview.

As a result, Joe Rogan came under a lot of scrutiny from fans and they criticized him for interviewing The Notorious while he was sitting in agony. The reason for Rogan’s interview was unknown for a lot of days. However, Rogan has explained his point of view and stated his reason for taking the Irishman’s interview after the fight.

While speaking at his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience he clarified by explaining that “I mean people be like, ‘why did you interview him? He actually brought me over, He goes, ‘Come over here lad, let’s have a podcast. He said, ‘Come on Joe let’s have an f—king podcast. He asked me to sit down next to him. I was like, How am I going to do this? I feel like I should just get something out of him. Even if you recognize the fact that he is emotionally charged up, this is just him expressing himself while he was emotionally charged up.”

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Has Joe Rogan interviewed a fighter who is injured other than Conor McGregor?

Some fans must have thought that UFC 264 was the first instance where Joe Rogan has interviewed an injured fighter. But that does not seem to be the case as he has previously interviewed Daniel Cormier and Sean O’Malley after they suffered an injury in their fight.

Joe Rogan

He interviewed Daniel Cormier after he suffered a defeat against Jon Jones at UFC 214. However, the problem was that Cormier was concussed while Joe Rogan was busy asking him questions. Therefore fight fans sympathized with DC and criticized Rogan heavily on social media. 

In the aftermath of this incident, Joe Rogan offered an apology to the former two-division champion in his podcast and commented that “It was just 100% my f*** up.” He also mentioned that “it was my idea in the first place to not interview fighters after they have been knocked out. However, Joe did not stick to his words and continued interviewing knocked-out fighters.

Joe Rogan interviewed Zhang Weli and Jorge Masvidal the same night after they suffered a knockout loss at UFC 261. As a result, fight fans trolled Rogan on the internet for not keeping his word. In the end, one could discuss this topic for hours and come out with no proper solution.

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