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“Looking For the Next Kimbo” – Jorge Masvidal Announces an Exciting New Venture

Jorge Masvidal has announced an exciting new venture as he took to Twitter to surprise fight fans with his new initiative. Masvidal announced that he will be making a tour around the world in search of the next Kimbo Slice. The Bahamian mixed martial artist Kimbo Slice has left generations inspired behind him, and while he is no more with us, he continues to live in the memory of fight fans around the globe.

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Kimbo Slice was involved in the underground fighting scene, where even Masvidal used to compete growing up. There are several videos of Jorge Masvidal competing in the backyard in the presence of Kimbo Slice on the internet. Slice died at the young age of 42. He was a former professional boxer, wrestler, and mixed martial artist who had competed in the UFC, Elite XC, and Bellator.

The relationship between Kimbo Slice and Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal has always credited Kimbo Slice for his growth as a mixed martial artist. The former welterweight title challenger grew up in the streets of Miami, fighting in local fights in regional circuits, or in the backyard. Masvidal announced, Since I’ve been shadowbanned and censured I decided to start my own platform and bring not only never before seen content but I will also be traveling the world looking for the next Kimbo rip or street fighter only at #andnew.”

Masvidal has decided to open up his own content platform on various social media sites for fans to share their “limited unhinged content.” This new project is certainly a new step for Masvidal, who is currently set to fight Kamaru Usman for the UFC’s welterweight championship at UFC 261.

Masvidal smiling

Masvidal will step inside the Octagon in his second straight attempt to capture the welterweight gold. Earlier, Masvidals stepped in on six days’ notice to take on Usman back at UFC 251. Masvidal lost the bout via unanimous decision, however, he maintained that he didn’t get enough time to prepare for the fight, and rightfully so.

Now, with a full fight camp, it will interesting to see how Mavidal performs against Usman as both the fighters step inside the Octagon to fight for the welterweight gold.

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