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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Result: How Many Rounds Did Logan Paul Win?



Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather

The “overhyped” boxing bout “The Bragging Rights” between Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul ended in a draw as there were no judges. The only way to win the fight was by knocking out the opponent. Nonetheless, here is the unofficial round-by-round analysis of the fight. 

Floyd vs Logan

Floyd vs Logan: round by round breakdown

Round 1

Paul started with jabs and scored to the body. Afterward, Mayweather ducked a punch and marked Paul to the body. With 2 left-hand jabs, Floyd seemed to control the ring. That’s when Logan sneaked in a shot to the body. Round one Goes to Logan.

(10-9) Logan

Round 2 

Unlike the last fight with KSI, this time Logan looked more confident and started throwing punches but most of them were slipped by Money. After a lot of throws, Paul was able to connect a few before the round ended. 

(10-9) Logan

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Floyd vs Logan

Floyd vs Logan:

Round 3

Seemingly enough, Paul started to grapple after getting tired. After missing a left hook Mayweather managed to land a beautiful right hand to Paul’s chin.  As Paul was deliberately leaning on Mayweather, he threw a few body shots on him. Paul finally landed a right hand to which he got countered with a heavy left hook.  Before the round ended Mayweather managed to throw another left hook on Paul. 

(10-9) Mayweather

Round 4

Mayweather started off the round with a left hook. Paul was throwing continuous punches which led the fight fans to see vintage shoulder roll by Mayweather.  Money threw a few beautiful counter rights showing that he has still got the charm. The bell rings after Maverick punches Money’s butt. 

 (10-9) Mayweather 

Round 5

Even after trying to hit Mayweather constantly Logan was only able to hit his gloves. Nevertheless, a lovely power shot from Mayweather and Paul starts staying busy again with his punches. After a hard left hook by Mayweather, the bell rings.  

(10-9) Mayweather 

Round 6

Paul started with a body punch. Logan was leaning a lot on Mayweather. However, Mayweather managed to lands few body shots and a counter right on Paul.  Just when the bell was about to ring, Money threw a  hard right. 

(10-9) Mayweather

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Floyd vs Logan:

Round 7

Paul threw a left hook on Mayweather in the first minute of the 7th round. But, again started clenching over Money. After a few punches to the body by Floyd, he started pushing Paul to the ropes.  Paul connected a jab and ended up getting a counter left. The 7th round was certainly dirty. Remove featured image

(10-9) Mayweather 

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After 2-3 jabs and punches from both the boxers, Logan started leaning on Floyd which irritated the crowd. Then suddenly Paul starts throwing messy punches at the last minute and points at the clock in the end. Both hugged each other out at the end. 

(10-9) Mayweather 

TOTAL- 78-74 in favor of Floyd Mayweather

It won’t be wrong to say that Logan’s performance against Floyd put him on the right path should he decide to continue his professional boxing career. Despite the outcome, and a dominant performance by Floyd, it’s safe to say that Logan Paul could have a bright future ahead, even if that means it’s a cross-over fight with MMA stars.

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