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Is Conor McGregor Finally Going to The Joe Rogan Experience?



Conor McGregor Leg Injury vs Dustin Poirier

Conor McGregor took to the photo-sharing platform Instagram to give a shout-out to Joe Rogan, advising the UFC commentator and podcaster to frame the image where the Notorious can be seen alongside Rogan in the aftermath of UFC 264.

The Notorious suffered a brutal leg injury in the closing moments of the first round, marking his second straight loss inside the Octagon. However, what followed captured more attention as distasteful comments from McGregor at the end of the fight put him under severe scrutiny of fight fans.

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Conor McGregor Leg Injury

Additionally, Joe Rogan’s decision to interview him in the heat of the moment, and considering the range of emotions that McGregor must be going through after suffering the horrific leg injury raised several questions.

However, not bothered by it all, McGregor and Rogan seemed to have a laugh after everything was said and done and thereby teasing a possible appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast.

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Read More: Was Joe Rogan Right in Interviewing Conor McGregor After the Gruesome Leg Injury in the Aftermath of UFC 264?

Can we finally see Conor McGregor at Joe Rogan’s podcast?

Joe Rogan and Conor McGregor are good friends. While they share a great relationship with each other, McGregor is not a fan of Rogan’s commentary. Conor and his team have earlier criticized Joe for going wild on commentary and exaggerating the punches landed on him in his fight against Nate Diaz at UFC 202.

Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier

In a recent video uploaded by the Irishman, he mocked Joe for the commentary again. Conor showed his wounds from the fight and said “a couple of little scratches, that’s all yeah“. Mimicking and mocking Joe, he screamed, “oh my god the ground and pound”. All of this is certainly to be addressed at Joe Rogan’s interview with McGregor on the “Joe Rogan Experience” should he make an appearance.

For years fight fans have been asking Joe Rogan to get Conor McGregor on their podcast. However, it never happened due to some reason or other. But, now after McGregor’s post, it appears people will finally get the show they were calling for.

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