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Rumors Float That Conor McGregor Has Staph Infection – Is UFC 264 Main Event in Jeopardy



conor Mcgregor

Less than 10 days are left for the most hyped bout of the year, the trilogy bout between Dustin Poirier and Connor McGregor. However, the highly anticipated bout might be in jeopardy. In a recent photo, Conor Mcgregor appears to be suffering from a staph infection. If the rumors are true it will be the biggest upset of the year.

UFC 264 is going to be the third time that both the fighters are colliding. They first met as featherweight contenders back at UFC 178. Conor got the win the first time around, however, that wasn’t the case in the rematch. In their second meet at UFC 257, Dustin wanted his vengeance for the past defeat and he did it in a fashion that replicates McGregor’s finishing credibility inside the cage.

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conor mcgregor vs dustin poirier

Dustin gave Conor his first MMA knockout loss and in the process, cemented himself as arguably one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. UFC 264 is going to be the deciding bout for the fighters but the news of Conor having a staph infection might put a hold on the fight. While nothing has been confirmed so far, rumors are still afloat.

Conor‘s elbow caught the fight fans’ eye when a picture of conor posing on a cycle went viral over Twitter. Many fans have indicated that the cruise could be the result of an injury that he might have suffered. While others pointed out how McGregor could have fallen from the cycle, resulting in the bruise on his elbow.

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While the whole MMA world is closely watching a high-profile event like UFC 264, eyes are certainly on the fighters for any signs of weakness. Predictions, speculations for the fight by high-profile fighters, and stars are flooding over the internet for this bout. With that in context, the speculation of Conor having the infection has made fight fans’ faces turn pale.

What is staph infection? Is Conor Mcgregor suffering from it?

Staph infection is a bacterial infection and is commonly found on the skin. Though the infection is pretty common, it can be deadly if the bacteria invade deeper into the body. Earlier fighters have reported feeling nauseous and weak inside the octagon even after being treated by antibiotics. Moreover, it is highly contagious so it is highly likely that Conor could have gotten it from the training camp.

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However, referring to the picture it is also possible that McGregor fell off his bike and injured himself. In the past, McGregor was seen donning a black eye, so it’s also possible that the injury could be the result of a sparring session gone wrong for the former dual champion. 

Even though the online world is highly focused on McGregor and his bruise, MMA fans can only wait for Conor’s statement on this or hope that the rumor stays a rumor, and we get to witness the Notorious back in action next weekend at UFC 264.