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Everything You Need to Know About Derrick Lewis and His Wife



Derrick Lewis with wife April Davis

Derrick Lewis is one of the most fiercest strikers in the history of UFC. He is aggressive and boasts of enormous power in his hands. He holds the record for the most number of knockouts in the history of UFC’s heavyweight division.

However, when is not fighting, Lewis is a family man. Lewis has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t like fighting inside the Octagon and only does it to earn his livelihood. It is nothing but a job for him, and despite how good he is at it, he would rather spend more time with his family than train inside the Octagon.


Derrick Lewis is a private person. However, he never failed to entertain the fight world whenever he appears alongside his wife April Davis.

The wife of Derrick Lewis – April Davis

Derrick Lewis is married to his long-time girlfriend April Davis. Not much is known about April Davis. Lewis likes to keep his work life and his personal life away from each other, and rightfully so. Be that as it may, the couple has come in front of the camera on multiple occasions.

“I believe I have met the right woman to help me here, my path, and keep me focused all the time. We met through one of my cousins’ years ago.” Lewis had revealed while talking to the UFC ahead of Lewis vs Hunt back in June of 2017.

Derrick Lewis has a dark history. The former heavyweight challenger was charged with aggravated assault. The young Lewis was placed on probation. However, while attending Kilgore College on full-scholarship, Lewis violated his probation. Needless to say, he was sentenced to prison. While the sentence was 5 years, Lewis ended up spending three and a half years in prison. The experience changed his life. Now, Lewis is a focused man and continues to reign as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time.

The contribution of April Davis

Derrick Lewis has stated on multiple occasions that he holds his wife, April Davis, on the highest regard. Davis and Lewis have been married for over three years now, and have two sons and one daughter between them.

Derrick Lewis with wife April Davis

His cousin Kendrick, introduced me and Derrick. So we initially talked on the phone. When I first talked to Derrick on the phone, he was just telling me he was really black. (laughs.) The next day he just showed up on my door, I didn’t tell him where I lived. So yeah.” Davis revealed.

In an interesting revelation, Lewis revealed the first meeting with April Davis. “I went to knock at the door, she came out. “She was looking all good.” Lewis continued, “She is my ride-or-die. We’ve been through hell together and came back.” 


Derrick Lewis is effortlessly funny. Lewis’ journey from being a law-offender to becoming one of the most notable figures in the world of mixed martial arts is nothing less than inspiring.