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“He is a B****” – Tony Ferguson Gets Brutally Honest About Dustin Poirier



Tony Ferguson kicks Justin Gaethje

There was a time when Dustin Poirier vs Tony Ferguson looked like a done deal. After Ferguson expressed his interest in taking on the “Diamond.” Poirier also looked in complete agreement with the potential match-up.

However, he expressed that UFC wasn’t willing to pay the right price for him to step inside the Octagon against El Cucuy. At that point, even Tony Ferguson stepped up and urged Dana White and the UFC to “pay the man!”

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However, just weeks later, Dustin Poirier accepted the fight against former dual champion Conor McGregor, who announced his return to the UFC’s lightweight division. Needless to say, Ferguson’s fans around the globe were taken aback by Poirier’s decision to take the fight against McGregor. Ferguson opened up about what really transpired.


“I am not even worried about it anymore. You got to think about it. He’s like a gym h**. You want to go to whoever is giving you the most attention instead of doing your own thing. That means you have no backbone, you have to have somebody hold your hand.”

However, it wasn’t surprising considering there’s so much to gain with a match-up against the “Notorious” both in terms monetarily and for his lightweight legacy. Additionally, Ferguson was coming off a devasting loss at the hands of Justin Gaethje. Meanwhile, Conor McGregor, who is still ranked in the top-5 of the division was returning after more than a year.

Will we ever see Tony Ferguson vs Dustin Poirier?

There’s a likely possibility that we might see Dustin Poirier take on Tony Ferguson in the near future. Both the fighters are far from done as far as their mixed martial arts career is concerned.

Tony Ferguson

Should McGregor triumph over Poirier, it will leave the “Diamond” with very few options. However, an argument can be made that Ferguson deserves a title opportunity with a win over Charles Oliveria. Only time will tell what lies ahead for both the fighters. However, we can presume that they will take on each other sometime in the near future.

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Dustin Poirier vs Tony Ferguson is one for the ages. A lot of things will be clear after UFC 257 and where both the fighters stand in the UFC’s lightweight rankings.