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Francis Ngannou Discusses How He felt After Losing To Stipe Miocic- “It Was A Learning Experience”

The Predator Francis Ngannou has his eyes all set on the heavyweight strap. With his title opportunity headlining UFC 260, this fight will give Ngannou a great chance to rectify the mistakes he made against Stipe Miocic 3 years ago that cost him the title. And the Cameroonian-French national doesn’t seem to let this opportunity slip out of his hands either. He seems to be more than ready and eager to avenge his bitter loss and become the new heavyweight king. He rather likes to call the first title opportunity a learning experience and is again ready to take on Stipe.

Recently, he sat down with Joe Rogan to discuss how he felt after losing to the champ. Though he felt disappointed, he learned a lot from that fight.

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“I had 2 different feelings from that fight. First, obviously, I was very upset and disappointed that I didn’t win the fight. And you know, as everyone was fighting for the title, you wanna there get out as victorious. But, to be honest, I always looked in the fight and since the fight day, I looked at it, and I’m like ‘this is good’. Like I learned just too much in that fight. Even though I was in the level of fighting for the world title, but I still had some missing part in my game and my experience.”

It is to be noted that his fight against Miocic is the only 5 round fight he has ever fought. Talking about his lack of experience in fighting 5 rounds, Francis Ngannou further elaborates, “I remember I was asking a question myself like ‘OK, how did it look like to go into 3 rounds? Basically I’m going to a potential 5 rounds, that I’ve never been in 3 rounds. How did it look like? How it is like to prepare for these kinds of fights?’ And I had this fight like 6 weeks earlier. So, I was having a lot of questions. Then after that fight, I come like ‘OK’.”

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Francis Ngannou Is Ready To Challenge Stipe Miocic 2nd Time For The Title

Last time these 2 men met, Miocic successfully managed to defend his title by dominating Ngannou on ground and feet. The fight went for the whole 25 minutes and fans witnessed Stipe getting his hand raised after that fight.

But this time, The Predator is on a terrific 4-fight winning streak. He has also matured in these 3 years and now is a better fighter on and off the ground. So, it would be very interesting to see if the reigning champ makes it 2-0 or falls a victim to Francis’ vicious knockout power.

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Miocic is a lighter heavyweight, which gives him a speed advantage over other fighters in the division. Talking about Stipe, he’s in his 2nd reign as the heavyweight champion is coming off a spectacular victory over Daniel Cormier. Now, it would be very interesting to see if their rematch ends up like Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor’s rematch or the champion manages to double his lead over The Predator.

This fight will serve as the perfect example of speed vs power. Last time, Stipe’s speed dominated Ngannou raw knockout power. Let’s see what happens this time.

Let us know in the comments who do you think will win UFC 260 main event.

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