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Should Max Holloway Move Up the Lightweight Division?

After putting up a scintillating show in UFC’s first event of the year, Max Holloway finally seems to be back on the winning track. Recently, he appeared on Brendan Schaub’s show Below The Belt to have some light hearted chit-chat with the host.

They mainly discussed about the next featherweight championship fight and his recent victory over Calvin Kattar. When Schaub asked him if he would be comfortable to move up a weight class, Blessed had a positive response. Check out what Max has got to say:

Max Holloway Promises The Blessed Era Isn't Done | UFC

“For sure. Like I said. I just told you guys, anywhere, [at] 170, at 185.

Yeah, this should happen, you know. Just imagine this. We took the fight with Dustin for intro. I fought him. The very next fight, 3 months later, I was down at [1]45 back fighting Frankie [Edgar]. And I felt great.

Imagine if I give myself 4 months or even 5 months, put a little muscle on the boy and did things little bit differently, not even worrying about having to have to- ’cause at the back of my mind the whole time, I was coming back to [1]45, you know. And not even worry about [1]45 and just stay in the [1]55, I think it’s a different guy, you know.

Just give me time to go there, put on some muscle, get little bit stronger, feel it, you know [what] I mean. And, uh, that is the thing I want people to imagine- imagine I did this, you know. And that much people, like you said, knew that I already had too much and then I was back down at [1]45 in July fighting Frankie, you know.

Max Holloway bloodies, batters Calvin Kattar to put on five-round clinic in UFC Fight Island 7 main event - MMA Fighting

So, it is what it was and I think we will be back there for sure. There are a lot of interesting fights.”

Max Holloway snapped his losing streak with an ideal victory over Calvin Kattar

Max kickstarted this year with not only putting a spectacular performance in the octagon but he also managed to get back to his old winning ways. Now, all the eyes will be on the winner of Brian Ortega vs. Alex Volkanovski. The Hawaiian will most probably face the winner of that championship fight.

After all, a title shot is a must that you get as a reward for securing such a great victory. It will be very interesting to see if Holloway again gets the opportunity to take his revenge from Volkanovski. It might even be possible that he goes toe-to-toe against Ortega for the gold.

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Max Holloway: 'Hard to be mad' about Alexander Volkanovski loss when '80 to 90 percent of the world thought I won the fight' - MMA Fighting

Let’s know in the comments who do you think Blessed will fight next- Brian Ortega or Alexander Volkanovski.

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