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How Did Conor McGregor Easily Dismantle Dustin Poirier at UFC 178

Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor came face to face for the first time at UFC 178 in an intesenly personla match-up that saw the “Notorious” pick up a first round stoppage win over the “Diamond” Dustin Poirier. Interestingly enough, the UFC 178 card featured the likes of Jorge Masvidal, Stephen Thompson, Dominick Cruz in the preliminary card.

Conor McGregor weigh in against Dustin Poirier

On the main card, Demetrious Johnson took on Chris Cariaso for the UFC flyweight championship. Donald Cerrone featured in the co-main event against veteran Eddie Alvarez. Meanwhile, Yoel Romero took on Tim Keneddy, with Amanda Nunes vs Cat Zingano kicking off the main card.

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McGregor and Poirier face-off

With several great names on the card, needless to say, the entire attention was on Irish sensation Conor McGregor who had elpased the popularity chart with just three fights under his name. In what was an intensely personal match-up between both the fighters, with McGregor talking his way into his opponent’s head, the “Notorious” took on a very dagerous Dustin Poirier.

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Back then, Poirier was coming off a three fight winning streak. However, it came to a dismal end as McGregor picked up a first round stoppage win to further cement his legacy in the featherweight division.

What gave McGregor the edge?

Conor McGregor entered the Octagon with the thousands of Irish who had travelled all the way from their homeland to cupport their countryman. While many thought Poirier’s wrestling pedigree would give an edge, the “Diamond” stood no chance. McGregor was fluid, technican and proved to the world that he was there to takeover. Needless to say, almost a decade later, Conor McGregor is the face of the fight game, widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters of all time.

There’s no denying that Poirier is a great fighter. While there’s a reason to beieve that McGregor has always been a step above in terms of striking, the “Notorious” made it look much simpler than many expected it to be on the night of UFC 178.

Conor McGregor gets into the head of Dustin Poirier

Conor McGregor is as effortless on the mic as he is often inside the Octagon. Ahead of UFC 178, McGregor and Poirier exchanged words with the “Notorious” going to the lengths of even demeaning Poirier’s wife.

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“I said I will knock him out in the first round, and I knocked him in the first round. You can call me Mystic Mac, because I predict these things.” McGregor said in the post-fight press-conference. While he was humble after the fight, it wasn’t the case in the lead-up. Needless to say, McGregor was just selling the bout.

“As weak as he is, I only see his chin. I have nothing against the kid. He is quite little hillbilly.” McGregor further addded, “I sure he grew up in a circus or a fair.” He continued, “He will wake up and he will bow before me.” 

Conor McGregor kicks Dustin Poirier

While McGregor’s striking was on point on teh night of the fight, it was the mental edge that he had over Poirier that played a huge role in the outcome of the fight. “I will crack that chin” McGregor had said. Needless to say, he did just that with a brutal left hook to the top of the ear that shut Poirier on the ground, with McGregor pickign his fourth straight win inside the UFC Octagon.

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