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Mustafa Ali To Make His WWE Return Amid Huge Controversy – Reports

Mustafa Ali is expected to return to WWE TV as soon as tomorrow night’s Monday Night RAW.

Mustafa Ali has been AWOL from WWE programming since last October, due to a disagreement with Vince McMahon over his creative direction said reports. Ali returned home to give birth to his child and was never seen on television again.

Mustafa Ali
Image Courtesy – WWE

According to reports, WWE didn’t have any plans of letting Mustafa Ali go and he himself indicated on social media that he has about 2 and a half years left on his deal, which would have meant that he would have had to sit at home for that time and risk having the company add time to his contract if he refused to work.


Ali’s request for his WWE release was denied by the company in January. Since then, the former member of Retribution has fought a social media campaign to gain his release from the company.

According to a report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, there have been internal talks about bringing Ali back to WWE programming. According to the story, he might be back on television as soon as tomorrow night on RAW.

Due to the ever-changing nature of WWE programming in recent years, Sapp highlighted that nothing is certain until it happens. So, while a pitch has been made to bring Ali back, nothing has been finalised.

Will Mustafa Ali agree to come back ?

With six months away from WWE, have cooler heads prevailed to bring Mustafa Ali back into the fold?

While Ali was drafted to the SmackDown brand last October, the currently reported pitch suggests that he’ll be brought back to WWE RAW. What storyline they have in mind for him remains to be seen.

Earlier this month, Ali teased interest in working a match against Cody Rhodes, responding to WWE’s tweet asking for dream opponents for The American Nightmare:

While it’s unlikely that this was the pitch for Ali’s return, it would certainly be enough to pique the star’s interest.

Cody Rhodes has been positioned as the face of RAW since his return to WWE, and he has a slew of possible dream matchups in the works.

What do you think will Mustafa Ali return to WWE ? If he does return will it be sooner rather than later? Do let us know by dropping your comments below. 


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